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Guide to IoT World

Guide to IoT World:


The world’s largest & most comprehensive IoT events returns for a third year in 2016 moving to the Santa Clara Convention Center in the epicenter of where IoT begun – Silicon Valley. With new features, more networking opportunities, an expanded conference and expo floor, Internet of  Things World will be the major event for the entire ecosystem with an expected crowd of 10,000+.

With 3 days of high level networking and learning, attracting executives from top companies in both industrial and consumer IoT verticals including Smart Home, Smart Cities, Wearables, Healthcare, Energy, Connected Cars, IoT Security and more, Internet of Things World is the perfect venue to meet key players, do business and gain practical insight from the biggest names in IoT.


SAP Startup Focus @ Internet of Things World

Come by booth S70 in Startup City

One of the most popular areas of the expo, the Startup City houses more than 150 IoT and app startups to showcase their new products and services to the thousands of visitors at the show. You can attend this portion of the show with a free expo pass or full conference pass.



Come meet us at the Launchpad stages!

May 10: Day 1 (2:10 pm):

Type: 20 minute presentation with Q&A

Speaker: Manju Bansal, VP of SAP Startup Focus

Title: Partnering with the Enterprise: SAP Startup Focus


VP of the SAP Startup Focus program, Manju Bansal discusses how early stage companies are closing deals with some of the largest enterprise customers in the world. After delving into the structure of the SAP Startup Focus program and its proven record of success, he’ll invite a few of the program’s IoT focused startups to share why they joined the program, their journey in the enterprise so far, best practices, and success stories.


May 11: Day 2 (11:30 am):

Type:  20 minute presentation with Q&A

Speaker: David Sonnenschein, VP, SAP IoT Development Accelerator

Title:  Accelerating Enterprise success with an Industrial IoT Ecosystem:  Startups, SAP and the Industrial Internet of Things


The Industrial Internet of Things represents one of the largest shifts in Enterprise operations and intelligence in the history of business.  The changes and opportunities are immense for every industry in every region of the world and will happen in months and years, not decades.  When we talk about or think about IIoT, most of us know that it must actually be delivered as an IIoT Ecosystem of dynamically collaborating participants.  It is this dynamic interaction that helps drive the new value to be created.  We know it, but how do we actually do it?  Join SAP to hear where we believe IIoT will generate tremendous value for our customers in the near term and how early stage and innovative companies are key players to make IIoT real for all of us.  Join David Sonnenschein to hear how SAP’s IoT Development Accelerator is cultivating an IIoT Ecosystem, tackling the real challenges of IIoT and how you can participate and benefit from this Ecosystem.


Check out more information on IoT World’s website and download our free IoT white paper report here!

Recently Validated Startup Focus Members

Building Radar



Industry: Engineering, Construction, and Operations

Building Radar supplies verified construction sales leads, so sales teams can focus on sales rather than lead generation and lead qualification. We keep our customers informed about all construction projects in their neighbourhood and worldwide, allow them to track their competitors` next moves, and evaluate new strategic partnerships in one smart platform.

Main clients are companies whose products or services relate to buildings. Look around the room you are in: from flooring, elevators, office furniture to facility management and insurance, the distributors of these products and services are our customers. They do not sit in their office waiting for their customers to call; instead they need to proactively look for new construction projects. Our customers include market leaders from various industries such as Viessmann (heating and climate control systems), Vitra (office furniture) and Gerhardt Braun (partition systems). The market for construction sales leads alone totals US$80B.

With proprietary satellite-supported search algorithm, we detect new construction projects months earlier than our competitors. The technology works in two parts. On the one hand we use search algorithms, natural language processing and data mining algorithms to scan tens of thousands of websites for information on new construction projects (architects` websites, public tenders, news websites etc.) In a second step we verify project specifics such as construction phase and building size with satellite imagery obtained from our partner the European Space Agency (Building Radar is the winner of the 2016 ESA Space App Camp and the 2015 Copernicus Masters Challenge).



HANA Use Case
SAP HANA allows us to shift our analytics to a whole new level. One example is server site clustering that allows us to display millions of construction projects in interactive maps and combine them with GIS data layers. Sales people from e.g. Vitra (high-end office furniture) can put socio-demographic layers like average office rent over a map with new office projects and directly target the ones that are more likely to get more expensive office furniture. This decreases the time they have to spend on lead research and on-site visits and maximises their active selling time.

Another example how we leverage SAP HANA is that it allows us to shift our analytics dashboard to real-time. We have over 7 billion data points on construction projects and companies involved. With this data our customers can analyse housing markets, compare company profiles and even make predictions about the future. As one example the world market leader for modular carpet tiles used our data to predict the global activity of their 50 key account customers and organize their marketing staff accordingly.

How will HANA be used in your architecture?
Our search algorithms parse millions of webpages on a daily basis. We aggregate this data in real time for our analytics dashboard, summing up to more than 7 billion data points on construction projects today. To cope with this amount of data — which is continuously growing as Building Radar evolves — and make sure to keep the ability to generate dynamic processings and analysis in real time, HANA is used as our analytics and analysis database.

With its capability of not only being a super fast analytics backend for our customers, but also being able to integrate new data coming in simultaneously from our search algorithms without performance loss, it is a perfect fit, here. Before HANA, new data was integrated into our production system in complicated batch processes, which now can be done in parallel and real time.



Huru Systems


Industry: CI-Energy & Natural Resources-Utilities
Huru Systems provides coding and real time tracking of assets from factory to field installation.
First deployment is aimed at tracking electric meters and seals for CFE (Mexico’s national electric utility company) which account to the majority of non-technical losses in physical assets for the company.


HANA Application
SAP HANA empowers Huru to process large volumes of temporal data generated by the system to identify and audit the usage of physical assets. In addition to processing this data, Huru can effectively visualize asset distribution for maintenance, planning, and change out. Implementing HANA in parallel with Huru’s real-time tracking system also enables big data and analytical applications for the enterprise’s temporal data ranging through:

  • Field service routing optimization
  • Materials purchasing/management
  • Human resource management
  • Regional distribution systems
  • Theft of physical assets





Industry: CI-Energy & Natural Resources-Utilities

Enersis provides a business intelligence, predictive analytics. and management information platform for utilities, smart cities and companies along the complete value chain of energy management to support the energy transformation process. Enersis’ 15 grids solutions applications combine all internal and external energy-related big data to provide more transparency towards energy transformation. All data is geo-visualized and follows a “one-screen-to-the-user” principle with intuitive GUI to provide fullest flexibility for our customers.


HANA Application
Only HANA analytics capabilities provide the capacity to handle grids simulation and forecasting features in the highly complex decentralized renewable energy market.  Fast processing enables customers to efficiently tackle large volume, real-time utilities data for low voltage sub-station management system. HANA powers Enersis’ grids applications across utility, city, and enterprise users to reduce CapEx by processing complex multi-source data models. Altogether, Enersis with HANA links industry 4.0 with energy data management for process and cost optimization.



Telit IoT


Industry: Telecommunications, Operations

The Telit m2mAIR Cloud Platform (powered by deviceWISE) combined with Telit modules and m2mAIR Mobile cellular connectivity provides a configurable pre-integrated gateway into SAP HANA with a rich set of cloud-based device management tools. This helps reduce risk, cost and time to market by an order of magnitude for SAP’s ASP developers resulting in a significantly higher number of SAP HANA IoT connections in a much shorter time frame. This benefits both SAP and their ASP developer community.


HANA Use Case
One clear example of a joint SAP-Telit/ILS customer who benefitted is the Tennant Machine Company.


Minneapolis-based Tennant Company is a world leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing solutions that help create a cleaner, safer, healthier world. Its products include equipment for maintaining surfaces in industrial, commercial and outdoor environments; chemical-free and other sustainable cleaning technologies; and coatings for protecting, repairing and upgrading surfaces. Tennant’s global field service network is the most extensive in the industry, and the company has over 3,000 employees worldwide. Tennant generated more than $800 million in revenue in 2014 with a goal of reaching $1 billion by 2017.


To remain competitive, the company strives to deliver stellar customer service. As more customers voiced the need for tools to manage their fleets of cleaning machines as well as provide greater visibility to the total cost of cleaning, Tennant researched solutions that used the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Tennant began using IoT technology to collect customer limited machine data, but it did not provide the comprehensive information customers wanted to effectively manage their Tennant assets and lower their overall cleaning costs. As a result, Tennant has transformed its original usage of the Internet of Things technology and developed a new solution called IRIS® Asset Manager.


     Tennant’s Business Challenge

In 2012, Tennant first introduced machines with telemetry capabilities that communicated back to Tennant on a weekly basis how many hours’ machines were used. On the first prototype system, customers’ could only receive an email with usage interval levels to remind them of parts and consumables that should be replaced or they could request an ad-hoc report of machine and asset information. While this information was valuable, it was not broad enough or sustainable for large fleets of machines around the world. Tennant wanted to deliver more real-time data to its customers to continue to differentiate its offerings and remain competitive.


     Tennant Leverages SAP & Telit

Tennant relied on its established relationship with SAP/Telit to develop a solution where machine data could be more easily used to drive enterprise business processes and manage larger fleets of customer machines communicating worldwide in real time.


SAP HANA, and its big data capabilities, was selected to integrate machine data and SAP ERP data. While the data each machine produced daily was quite small, Tennant machines are often in the field for many years, so the system needed to be built for large data volumes over a machine’s active life. SAP HANA was determined to be the best database platform in the world to handle the potential for large data volumes.


From King Shaka to SAP HANA

By Emily Breslin April 15, 2016

This post appeared originally on SAP News, written by Uta Spinger.


Lessons from a Zulu king and big dreams: At the third SAP Startup Forum in South Africa, startup companies pitched their business ideas to an expert jury in Johannesburg.


Every company was once a startup – even SAP that just recently celebrated its 44th anniversary. With the SAP HANA Startup Forum in Johannesburg, SAP revisits its roots to nurture potential technology giants of the future.


“SAP has built a big ecosystem across the African continent, but we want to bring more startups into the ecosystem,” Elke Simon-Keller, Innovation Lead SAP Africa, said in her opening address. And Gary Parnell, SAP Startup Focus Program EMEA, added: “Although the startup scene in Africa is big and vibrant, I would like to see more success stories from young African entrepreneurs.”


And that’s exactly where the SAP Startup Focus program can help: to connect new companies to customers. A group of experts shared their experience as entrepreneurs during a panel discussion with the participating startups – from setting up your business model to legal advice, and an efficient communication strategy.


The idea of the program is to bring SAP and entrepreneurs together toward the end of the innovation cycle – precisely during the phase when young companies are ready to bring their maturing ideas onto the SAP HANA technology platform.


The SAP Startup Focus program helps participating startups from proof-of-concept to production, providing access to SAP HANA expertise, licensing, training and education throughout the lifecycle. The program also helps startups productize their solutions by providing marketing and promotional support and access to press, analysts, and investors.


Since 2012, about 2,800 organizations have joined the global SAP HANA startup initiative, of which several have successfully developed and commercialized products based on the HANA platform.


King Shaka Says: Innovation is Key to Success


In his keynote “How King Shaka Built the First Billion Dollar App,” Dr. Nikolaus Eberl, CEO Ideas Management Academy, shared innovation secrets from Zulu King Shaka with the audience. Summarized as the IziCwe Code, meaning the hunter code of his regiment, Eberl explained how the Zulu king reinvented the battle field with new weapons and strategies. Translated to today’s business battle fields, only organizations that create a culture of innovation and constantly follow this path will succeed in today’s competitive business environment.


Big Data, Big Dreams, Big Ideas


The new startups that attended the event represented a broad range of industries and business models. Ideas ranged from a cyber police app reporting crimes in real time, an intelligent HR solution, an efficient donation allocation program in healthcare, and a sales opportunity solution, to a cloud solution that integrates heterogeneous systems.


The diverse set of participants had one thing in common: to achieve success, they need to process vast amounts of data in real time for their customers. That is where the need for SAP HANA comes in, as it leads to business models that were not possible before.


For the jury, two business ideas stood out that will precisely benefit from the SAP HANA platform, making it possible to analyze and process a massive amount of data: the Medical Aid Bible, a platform that aims to make medical aid plans in South Africa more transparent, and the FAN World Cup, which, according to founder Al Karaki, is set up to become the Facebook for soccer fans. The FAN World Cup will integrate both the 800 million playing soccer fans and the 2 billion non-playing soccer fans on its own social networking platform


Best Startup Idea: Medical Aid Bible




SAP Innovation Lead SAP Africa, Elke Simon-Keller, with SAP Startup Focus Johannesburg winning startup entrepreneur Eve Dmochowska from Medical Aid Bible.


The jury awarded the Medical Aid Bible as the best solution presented because it specifically addressed an issue in South Africa. The medical aid system is not very transparent, many South Africans struggle to find the best plan for their medical needs, be it a broken leg or a premature baby.


“With the Medical Aid Bible South Africans can compare a vast variety of medical aid plans and find the right one for them,” explained startup entrepreneur Eve Dmochowska. “Now, it is very difficult for patients to find out if your plan covers a specific treatment or surgeon.”


The platform aims to make doctors and insurers work together by feeding data from doctors into the system. This way, patients will have a better transparency when comparing plans.


The Medical Aid Bible will be rewarded for the best startup pitch with business consulting hours and an iWatch. All attending companies will be part of a 12-months accelerator program to develop enterprise apps. The feedback from attendees such as startup entrepreneur Timothy was overwhelmingly positive: “Fantastic session, the perfect solution for my business.”


And who knows, maybe one of them will develop the next billion dollar app inspired by Zulu King Shaka’s battle strategies combined with the power of SAP HANA.

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3 Startups Presenting at SAP Utilities Conference

By Emily Breslin April 08, 2016


April 11-13, Hague, Netherlands


Creating Value in the Digital Energy Network


The 2016 International SAP Conference for Utilities will take place on April 11 – 13 in The Hague, Netherlands.


This event will once again be the global conference for IT and business professionals from across the international utilities industry. It will address the unique business requirements of the industry, and will be packed with opportunities to learn, benchmark, network, and discover how the latest innovation from SAP can drive the modern digital utility.

In a complex and demanding market, utility organisations must transform their enterprise software landscape in order to deliver world class customer service, simplify operations, and execute a holistic corporate strategy.
Don’t miss this chance to gather with the global utilities community in the Hague and discover how SAP innovation can drive your company’s success.
The 2016 event will once again be co-located with the International SAP Conference for Oil and Gas, giving you an unrivalled opportunity to meet and gather cross-industry best practice from over 1200 senior executives in the wider energy industry.









Participating Startups


CHOICE Revenue Intelligence helps utilities increase revenue by reducing their losses.


CHOICE offers a winning combination of Revenue Intelligence analytics software for theft detection and collection improvement, running on SAP HANA and integrated with SAP for Utilities solutions, SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence solutions, and fraud management applications. This powerful software platform, together with business expertise and an extensive knowledge base, are the foundation of the CHOICE Revenue Assurance Intelligence Center.
Revenue Intelligence is unique in many aspects, covering the full course of electricity (plus water and gas) theft and combating fraud activities on conventional and smart meters. Starting with detection of theft and fraud patterns using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms and self-learning technology, it helps select inspections targets with a higher probability of theft and higher value and manages the inspection processes to optimize utility recovery.


CHOICE Revenue Intelligence employs sophisticated algorithms and accurately predicts the fraud probability and the associated financial return for each customer. Leading utilities confirm we provide the only proven commercial solution for once-a-month conventional meter readings.

Revenue Intelligence serves 30+ million utility customers in various countries. It has helped utilities such as Light, with 4 million consumers in Rio de Janeiro using SAP for Utilities solutions to improve revenue, with reported benefits above US$40 million per year. Metering (now Utility Week) International’s Latin American Conference has granted Light the 2010 Excellence Award for this project.


Revenue Intelligence Centers have managed more than 2 million field inspections, recovering 300+ GWh/year, reducing CO2 emissions by more than 350 thousand tons per year in many geographies, and helping utilities recover more than US$1 billion. This benefits shareholders, the society, and the environment by helping increase earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA), lower tariffs, and reduce CO2 emissions.
Revenue Intelligence was the first application in the utilities arena to be certified as powered by the SAP HANA platform, exploring this high-speed in-memory database technology to maximize benefits of its artificial intelligence algorithms.


Collaboration between SAP and CHOICE also includes a co-innovation agreement and joint projects with large corporations in many geographies to reduce nontechnical losses. CHOICE’s cloud solution benefits utilities with fast deployment, going live as little as 2 months. Commercialized as software as a service (SaaS), it provides short-term payback and high benefit-to-cost ratio.


Established in 1993, CHOICE is headquartered in Luxembourg with offices in Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Istanbul, Warsaw, and Medellin. If you wish to find out more about the services offered by Choice Technologies, please contact Rui Mano.



App Orchid Inc. is a Silicon Valley–based software developer specializing in the science of artificial intelligence and cognitive computing. We create apps that make the Internet of Everything think like a human brain. App Orchid applies artificial intelligence and natural language processing to extract and blend structured data from the Internet of Things and operational databases, with unstructured, free-flowing data from tribal knowledge and the Internet of Everything. We then use Big Data–based in-memory technology to perform deep learning to identify patterns, risks, and opportunities previously impossible with traditional analytical tools. App Orchid’s apps make Big Data predictive analysis as simple as typing a question in Google.



FogHorn is a leading developer of “edge intelligence” software for industrial and commercial IoT applications. FogHorn’s software platform brings the power of machine learning and advanced analytics to the on-premise edge environment, enabling a new class of applications for advanced monitoring and diagnostics, asset performance optimization, operational intelligence, and predictive maintenance use cases.  FogHorn’s solutions are ideally suited for OEMs, systems integrators, and end customers in vertical markets such as manufacturing, power and water, oil and gas, mining, transportation, healthcare, and retail, as well as Smart Grid, Smart City, and Smart Car applications.


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SAPPHIRE NOW Guide 2016 *Updated


ASUG Annual Conference is a 3 day event being held from 17th May to the 19th May 2016 at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) in Orlando, United States Of America. This event showcases products like awesome platform where one gets the chance to widen business connections and networking etc. in the Computer Hardware & Software, Business Services industries.


For customers, its an opportunity to learn about SAP’s newest products and innovations, like those brought to the table by programs like SAP Startup Focus. Since SAPPHIRE NOW in May of last year, new startups have joined the program and validated their solutions using SAP HANA in their product architecture, meaning new opportunities for SAP customers. In a year when security became of paramount importance (with machine learning coming to the fore), the rise of artificial intelligence, the application of bitcoin, companies have come to technology that will enable them to access comprehensive data faster with ease of analysis and response built in. What’s more, for each of these stand alone technologies, the important theme is how each will play roles in the larger picture. Devices will need to be able to stand on their own, but true success will hinge on the ability to connect to and compliment other technology implementations.


This year at SAPPHIRE NOW, find the latest startup innovations with the potential to disrupt and improve business as usual in the enterprise. While the startups below do not speak for the entire portfolio of the program, they are some of the highest revenue generating, cutting edge, and recently validated.


Make sure to meet the startups on the SAPPHIRE show floor by following us @SAPStartups #SAPPHIREStartups16





Based on eight years of research and development and 11 patents, BeyondCore™ completely automates analytics with one-click analysis, instant animated briefings, and guided exploration to empower chief data and risk officers as well as marketing and operations managers to make faster decisions faster, with more certainty to dramatically improve operational and business performance.





Capriza modernizes your business by simplifying and mobilizing your critical processes. Their end-to-end simplification platform enables IT and lines of business to mobile-enable critical business workflows in a matter of days without any coding, APIs, or integration. The solution is applicable for packaged applications such as SAP, Oracle, SFDC as well as custom built solutions. Capriza rapidly and easily extends the capability of legacy apps onto any smartphone, tablet or desktop.



Smart Utility Systems (SUS)


Smart Customer Mobile (SCM®) is turn-key solution for electric, water and gas utilities to address the key challenges related to energy sustainability and water conservation. Smart Utility Systems’ SCM® platform is the first platform certified with SAP MCF and pre-integrated with SAP ERP systems. The cloud-based solution runs on SAP HANA to provide a 360 view of customer interactions while reducing operational cost of utilities and maximizing ROI on smart grid Investments.





Blippar’s mission is to be the leading visual browser by bringing the world to life for users. Through cutting-edge visual recognition, Blippar enables consumer and enterprise users to engage and learn more about their consumers. Through mobile devices, Blippar enables interactive visual marketing in which businesses and consumers can mutually interact to enhance brand communications and utility. The application’s deep learning capabilities can also boost scalability of enterprises’ existing emerging tech.





TurnoutNow provides cloud-based, real-time analytics for the events industries, where event organizers, exhibitors, and attendees all benefit. The solution includes wearable beacons for events in which TurnoutNow’s platform would capture high resolution behavioral data, to translate into performance insights so organizers and exhibitors can proactively modify activities effectively and efficiently for attendees. This real-time and wearable solution allows all event participants to understand each other’s needs so that ROI can be proven and great event experiences can be delivered.





FogHorn’sedge applications and analytics platform leverages the SAP HANA cloud platform to deliver an IoTend-to-end solution that enables the development, deployment and analytics of data-driven IoTapplications that span the edge, at the sensor network, and data center/cloud.





OutsideIQ develops innovative artificial intelligence solutions that use big data to address complex risk-based questions and problems. ABC and FCPA policies require corporations to uphold proper compliance processes. OutsideIQ provides a fully auditable and sourced due diligence report, allowing corporations to operate without additional changes to their infrastructure.




Choice Holdings


Revenue Intelligence© from Choice helps utilities increase revenue by reducing commercial loss. The SAP HANA real time solution allows users to detect fraud patterns and reduce utility theft and fraud on conventional and electronic meters. The solution is currently implemented on several utilities with more than 30M supervised customers and more than 2M inspections.





Celonis Process Mining is a revolutionary new technology for reconstructing and visualizing processes from digital traces within SAP systems in real time. With a single click, businesses can embrace full transparency of as-is processes and can spot bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and improve compliance, cost-efficiency and quality significantly.



Meteo Protect


Meteo Protect is an insurance and reinsurance broker with the largest team in Europe dedicated to weather risk management. They’ve developed a risk assessment and hedging solution that allows the user this unique global weather database and pricing platform. It is offered to insurance companies and brokers to distribute weather hedging to their clients. It is also offered to cooperatives that want to distribute weather hedging to their affiliates.





Valsight provides real-time value driver mining and simulations to drastically improve the way companies manage their financial performance. The innovative solution helps translate strategic objectives into tangible actions by linking top KPIs with their operational drivers, and quantifying the impact of decisions using what-if simulations in real time. Valsight combines established performance management functionality of planning and reporting applications with state-of-the-art business intelligence capabilities to makes these technologies accessible for the business users.





Building Radar


Building Radar’s data-centric smart leads platform delivers verified construction leads to construction enterprises so that sales teams can focus on sales instead of spending demanding time on leads research and qualification. The solution, enforced with a satellite-supported search algorithm, detects construction projects months in advance with real-time intelligence on commercial real estate, so businesses can strategically organize teams to initiate projects. Searched construction leads can be further analyzed for a location’s demographic and geographic potential, and continually tracked to fuel informative project decision making.




With a single request from any device, the SearchYourCloud patented algorithm quickly locates documents stored in the cloud, on the desktop, or in email, significantly increasing enterprise productivity. It’s not just Search. It’s Find. SearchYourCloud also protects privacy by locking down documents at the file level with AES 256 security.



Bayshore Networks

Bayshore Networks’ award-winning, patented Bayshore IT/OT Gateway™ deploys as a cloud-based platform, providing Fortune 1000 industrial enterprises with unprecedented visibility into their networks. It enables secure IoT and OT data and transactions in manufacturing and energy operations, robotics automation, and M2M communications.




OpsVeda offers operational Intelligence and Real-time Analytics Platform lets businesses optimize revenue opportunities and mitigate risks by leveraging real-time information across the enterprise. Their solution empowers data simplicity to day-to-day operational decision making so enterprises can achieve sped and scale.




More than ever, the competitive fashion industry requires retailers to reduce costs and time across the product life-cycle. Adding to that, designers and portfolio managers are turning to real-time customer data to understand and meet market demands, accurately and quickly. Accomplish all of that with Espedia’s PDF4FASHION, an end-to-end solution that allows the user to manage time, costs, and product design along the entire value chain.

Foghorn: the increasing importance of edge computing to IoT

By Emily Breslin April 01, 2016


The Internet of Things is accelerating quickly, but the early stages of IoT are now giving way to a more mature market outlook which highlights the white spaces that emerged along the way. The Internet of Things is evolving now and will take different variants in the enterprise setting, but there are two aspects which will be critical to IoT’s evolution: what leveraging data looks like (visualization & analytics) and edge computing.


Early IoT focuses on notifications, triggers and alerts, providing the likes of plant managers to be alerted when a machine stops working, a piece of a HVAC system stops operating, etc. However, many systems in operation already do not leverage the volumes of underlying data or call out the variety between use cases when data is abstracted from the device level. The importance is that enterprises will require the IoT data coming off these systems in the context of the other intersecting or separate systems, as well as exogenously sourced data, like operational data or ambient data. Think of a railway system that factors in its train equipment data with its infrastructure data, temperature data, street traffic, weather conditions, scheduling data, and other information. Getting to the true utility of data necessitates the ingestion of the sensor data along with operational, investigative and predictive analytics, or any other creative applications.


The other key driver in the advancement of the IoT is edge computing: the idea that you capture, process and store the messages locally. This enables filtering of irrelevant messages while bolstering the increasing the bandwidth of payload attached to the messages. Other edge computing values driving IoT  are simpler devices, increased localized security, and reduced latency between other device signals.


SAP Startup Technology in Edge Computing




FogHorn’s edge applications and analytics platform leverages the SAP HANA cloud platform to deliver an IoT end-to-end solution that enables the development, deployment and analytics of data-driven IoT applications that span the edge, at the sensor network, and data center/ cloud.


The IoT will continue to evolve considerably with increased recognition of the layered data and ownership and increased utilization of edge computing.


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Technologies Driving Connected Farming


Big data was representatively initiated into the agribusiness industry in 2013, when agrochemical giant Monsanto spent close to $1B to acquire Climate Corporation, an early leader in enabling farms to utilize weather data for crop yield. Big data and its integral IoT, analytics, M2M areas have grown past technological and industrial traction – agriculture is increasingly needful of these technologies as the world bears through time and resources to keep people fed.



“The world population is expected to reach 9 billion in 2050 and, along with providing clean water, sustainable energy and accessible healthcare, feeding the world is one of humanity’s top global issues.”

– Stefan Guertzgen, SAP Global Director for Industry Solution Marketing Chemicals, Precision Farming and the Role of Big Data



Precision and Connected Agriculture

A pillar of agribusiness rests on practicing “precision agriculture,” which facilitates farmers to aggregate geospatial, terrain, weather and other multidimensional data to efficiently use farm time and resources. Precision agriculture gives farmers an “eagle eye” to, in fact, be precise in what, where, when and how they plant. Integrating big data capabilities with their farms allows farmers to capitalize on weather and terrain patterns, soil and seed types, and have granular visibility into their land.


“Connected agriculture” is a concept that enables such precision by connecting already-prepared data from multiple agriculture sources for farmers to have coherent all-inclusive access. Farmers having multipurpose data from National Weather Service, Google geographical mappings, and USDA immeasurably empowers their farming abilities and insights.


Precise and connected agriculture enables farmers to harness data across all spectrums to do more with less, as agriculture merges hands-on with high-tech approaches.



SAP HANA primed for Agribusiness

Agribusiness incorporating big data compels powerful solutions that can handle the expanse and varieties of relevant farm data. SAP HANA is geared for many emerging solutions in this industry as the platform can store and process both spatial and non-spatial data types, so farmers can develop sophisticated applications that enrich location-based data and correlate it with other historic and transactional data.


Moreover, the SAP HANA can integrate real-time farming data sets with historic data to perform trend analyses and predict potential farming behaviors for optimal crop yield. SAP has the industry’s customers (John Deere, Caterpillar, Monsanto) and HANA’s global capabilities, both of which will help farmers scale wholly and efficiently as agribusiness evolves. Companies are mainly pioneering this new era of agribusiness in the US since its institutions and industries have readily available data on soils and climate. However, growth opportunities are recognized in modern farming regions like South America, Australia, and Europe.



Take a look at SAP’s Digital Disruption of the Farm video to discover SAP’s direction on precision agriculture and how HANA can help make agriculture efficient and sustainable:




We sat down with Pedro Dusso, CEO of Aegro to discuss the future of the agriculture sector, and how its agriculture production platform are enabling farmers to plan and control crops, avoid waste, increase productivity and optimize the results of properties through the improvement of its business processes.



What is the problem in agriculture Aegro addresses?


Depletion of arable lands is happening through either the development, or through agricultural practices that lead to erosion, salination, or simple loss of productivity through over-use. Also, the depletion of groundwater used for irrigation is a particular problem in certain parts of the world. There is a lack of production efficiency, and we should work to increase the productivity of  these lands. However, in Brazil for example, in average 40% of production is wasted simply because of bad management and lack of information.


What are the next generation capabilities Aegro brings to its customers?


We should look for re-interpretation of the farming practices through the use of data-centric technologies. What makes precision agriculture special is the IT system at the other end of the supply chain, the decision support system at the back office. The “connected farm” is coming closer, particularly if the farming activities are somehow connected not only to each other, but also to a raft of historical data such as weather events, climate, economics, product information, and specifications, machine settings, etc. This is what AEGRO is all about, connecting systems so as to allow an integrated, multidimensional view of farming activities, enabling a deeper understanding of how the whole ecosystem works.


How does the Aegro solution leverage SAP HANA? Why did you decide to use SAP HANA?


We use the geospatial libraries of SAP HANA to execute geographical queries, filtering in real-time the pest incidences reported by the farmers and agronomists. Also, advanced query functionalities like the implementation of density-based spatial clustering of applications with noise (DBSCAN) algorithm in memory allow us to process in memory clusters of pest incidentes.


How would you like to see the ag industry as a whole transform in the next 5-10 years?


We see farmers and coming together, sharing information freely and openly. We see small farms growing, and big farms made agile, forming partnerships. We see agronomists having the tools they need to plan the best crops ever, producing not only more food but better food. Agriculture is the next big thing, again. This is what inspires us to create software to help these people.


Any success stories underway?

Jorge Rieffel is an agronomist working with rice and soy in more 7500 acres in one of the best professional farms in south Brazil called “Granja 4 Irmãos”. Even so, he used to need more than a full week to plan all his crops, and used spreadsheets to register all activities during the crop season. “This year I planned all the fields in one morning, and used the extra time to look for better prices and alternatives for the inputs I need to buy”, he told our team.

HANA Innovation Award Finalists are Announced

By Emily Breslin April 01, 2016


Voting is open for the  SAP HANA Innovation Award finalists and we are excited to announce three Startup Focus members, Meteo Protect, Aegro and Building Radar, have been selected!


The judges voted on each to get the list down from well well over a hundred, to just 12 finalists. 


Public Voting Starts Today!


80% of your finalists’ scores were determined by the judges.  Now it is time for the public to cast their votes. The public vote combined with the judges’ score will determine the first, second, and third place winners in each category.  Public voting closes on April 21st. 



Click here to submit your vote.


The categories included:


  • Analytics Wizard: organizations that deliver real-time analytics to empower their company’s workforce and customers
  • Digital Trailblazer: organizations who harness Big Data or the Internet of Things for breakthrough results
  • Process Simplifier: organizations operating business-critical processes in real time
  • Next-Generation Apps: organizations that are building innovative apps using SAP HANA or SAP HANA Cloud Platform


Our Finalists!


AEGRO: REDUCING CROP MANAGEMENT COMPLEXITY TO INCREASE OVERALL PRODUCTIVITY The Aegro solution integrates data from different sources and lets farmers plan and control their crops in real time while maintaining a history of activities, observation, and incidences; thereby allowing them to achieve up to 40% productivity gains; assign and control farming activities; share farming records with specialists and agronomists; and decrease the time spent in planning, controlling, reporting and analyzing crop data.


Building Radar

BUILDING RADAR SATELLITE SUPPORTED SEARCH ENGINE FOR CONSTRUCTION PROJECT Building Radar uses search algorithms, natural language processing, data mining algorithms, and satellite imagery to identify, validate, and learn about new construction projects — in order to provide construction sales leads for their customers.


Meteo Protect with the customer Axereal

METEO PROTECT WEATHER RISK MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS France’s biggest grain cooperative, Axereal — which collects five million tonnes of grain from farmers across the country’s bread basket, the vast Centre Val de Loire region — use Meteo Protect’s underwriting and pricing platform to ensure farmers are protected in the case of adverse weather conditions. Axereal branded Meteo Protect’s web-based app “Garantie Alteo“, and any cooperative member is now just five clicks away from purchasing index-based weather insurance easily, affordably, and when they need it.



The winning prize includes free passes to the 2016 SAPPHIRE NOW conference, with competition winners also receiving up to US$5,000 to donate to charity, a trophy, recognition at the SAP HANA Innovation Award ceremony. 


  • Third place finalist: $1,000 donation to charity
  • Second place finalist: $2,000 donation to charity
  • First place winners: $5,000 donation to charity



Special HANA Innovation Award Event at SAPPHIRE NOW 2016


Join us for a celebration event to honor your success and announce the 2016 HANA Innovation Award winners.  This event is planned for May 16th, 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm.  It will be a great opportunity to network with other SAP customers and share SAP HANA experiences. Most importantly, this ceremony is a chance to recognize Aegro Informatica Limitada as an SAP HANA Innovator. You will be sent a personalized invitation to this event for up to ten employees registered to attend SAPPHIRENOW.


If you’re in need of inspiration, click to browse the 2015 and 2014 winners.


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White Spaces in Government: SAP Federal Forum in Review

By Emily Breslin March 25, 2016


In the federal government, as in many other enterprise environments, complexity equals cost, while simplicity is equated to savings. Having a kind of CapEx cushion allows companies to invest in innovation. For government agencies, it is clear they must simplify at every level if they are going to compete with the private sector and deliver on around the clock service provision that citizens expect and demand in their lives.


Three SAP Startup Focus members- Bayshore Networks, SearchYourCloud, and Capriza – joined federal leaders to share experiences and insights on how to simplify through technologies in IoT, mobility and search.


Taking a look at the challenges faced today by the federal government

Managing Government by the Numbers: Financial Challenges in an Age of Austerity


Public sector managers must deliver a fiscally strong government.  Therefore, it is imperative that agencies are transparent and accountable and have the means to transform data into real time intelligence.


During the forum, stakeholders explored how government is pursuing the Administration’s goals for leaner federal operations, taking a look at imperatives like the DATA Act, preventative measures against fraud, waste and abuse,  and how to achieve integrated procurement and finance platforms, as well as audit readiness.


Driving Insight to Action: Predictive Analytics in Government


Predictive analytics is one of the government’s top trends, and allows agencies to extract data from numerous data sets to identify patterns and predict outcomes across logistics, law enforcement, supply chain and warehouse management.  By using analytics, users can engage with all relevant data through visualizations and by applying predictive capabilities, make more financially sound, actionable decision making.


One such example is Capriza‘s work with public sector customer City of Los Angeles, with who Capriza has deployed several tailored mobile apps to help city departments streamline workflows, increase opportunities for inter-departmental collaboration, and increase the productivity and accuracy of data collected by its field teams. On the ground level, Capriza is helping the City of LA to simplify and digitize their core business processes, enable employees in the field to interact with city systems in real time, and build intuitive interfaces in back office environments. Read more of the story here



Integrated, Intelligent Government


Government’s oversight of the public sphere, forged by issues such as health care reform, homeland security, and financial reform, necessitate new technology that addresses sophisticated areas such as cybersecurity.


The Federal Forum’s second track highlighted the need to pursue cloud solutions to take advantage of secured, scalable, and cost effective IT environments, while also ensuring interoperability across systems,  and secure transfer of disparate data and ability to find it at any time, while also ensuring optimum functionality of infrastructure.


“IoT” and industrial IoT, that is, capturing data off of machines and transforming it into valuable customer insight, will and is transforming whole swaths of industry and large enterprises across the globe. Startup Focus member Bayshore’s solution plays a very important role in infrastructure, including securing access to machines and processes, centrally managing global process visibility to maintain operational and cost continuity and improvement, solve the scalability problems of data confidentiality and protection, and enable life safety and plant safety policy development.


In terms of data and document security, SearchYourCloud is an accessible and more secure cloud, deployable and delivered on SAP HANA Cloud Platform. With a single request from any device, the SearchYourCloud patented algorithm quickly locates documents stored in the cloud, on the desktop, or in email anywhere, significantly increasing enterprise productivity for the end user. SearchYourCloud also protects privacy by locking down documents at the file level with AES 256 security.


Explore the Federal Forum sessions:


A State Government Perspective: Realizing the Internet of Things
Brian Roach, Managing Director, Regulated Industries, interviews
Watch now>
Hardik Bhatt, CIO, State of Illinois
Watch now>


A Healthcare Perspective: Delivering Personalized Medicine for All
Dr. David Delaney interviews Past President
Dr. Cliff Hudis, American Society of Clinical Oncology
Watch now>
Keynote: Innovation & technology at the intersection of government, business, education
Alec Ross, Former Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State
Watch now>


Keynote: The Future of Government Innovation
Denise Turner Roth, Administrator, U.S. General Services Administration
Watch now>


Keynote: Lessons in Leadership
Stanley McChrystal, Former Commander of U.S. and International Forces in Afghanistan, Author of Best-Sellers Team of Teams and My Share of the Task, and Co-Founder of the McChrystal Group
Interviewed by Jennifer Morgan, President, SAP Americas
Watch now>

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Somatix: Using wearable technology to drive better social health outcomes

By Emily Breslin March 24, 2016


Visit Somatix’s site and the first thing that catches your attention is the text, “empowering people means big opportunity for business”. As a B2B2C software platform, Somatix tackles the digital health domain with its data analytics wearable application. Its core technology enables real-time recognition of hand-to-mouth gestures in order to help people better understand their behavior and make life-affirming changes and choices.


Tobacco smoking kills over five million people globally a year and creates an annual global cost of $500B in healthcare expenditures and productivity loss. The company chose SmokeBeat, a wearable-software solution which detects smoking in real-time to help change behavior through data. For the company’s health partners, the platform measures the efficacy of smoking cessation programs and drives user outcome through financial, emotional, rational, and social incentives.The solution is also applicable for programs for eating disorders, alcohol abuse as well as elderly care, medication management, and parental control .


The solution operates at a micro and macro level: Empowering people to help them understand and improve their health through gesture recognition and helping partners to profits by reporting and analyzing trends and foster refined behavioral health methods.






  • Recognizes smoking gestures are automatically captured through the user’s wearable
  • Cognitive behavioral psychological therapy models are deployed through the SmokeBeat app, enabling change of unhealthy habits
  • Gains predictive insights and then delivers user support before habitual behavior begins
  • Scales to integrate an enterprise level platform for healthcare organizations, insurance companies, clinics and corporate employers


The impact of Somatix extends beyond individual users, helping companies to draw on population trends, locations, surveys and reports, which ultimately can close the feedback loop within healthcare delivery systems


In addition, the solution:


  • Allows physicians to remotely monitor patients compliance
  • Higher efficacy for the clinics prescribing and monitor Smokebeat versus tradition clinics and prescriptions/tools/approaches
  • Ability for health insurance companies to build competitive pricing that differentiates between different customers, better insights of customer health


Follow SAP Startup Focus member Somatix on twitter @Somatixinc

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