SAP HANA Instances Ramp up to 244 GiB: Unlimited Capabilities


Scale Ideas and Grow in the Enterprise with SAP HANA, Now Bigger and Better Than Before.

SAP HANA is now offering production instances that are 4 times larger than before, representing an important opportunity for startups that use AWS as a critical instrument for the development and production of their SAP HANA Customer solutions. The announcement comes as part of the ongoing commitment by AWS and SAP to make fully-featured SAP HANA instances hosted on AWS easily deployable for SIs, ISVs, and innovative startups.

SAP HANA boasts the same processing compute power as before now with appropriate memory storage delivering scalability of up to a terabyte. With SAP HANA now able to retain its integrity irrespective of diverse customer requirements, startups can scale to diverse customer situations.

Ready. Set. Start.

Editor’s note: find original write up, SAP at AWS Re-Invent here.

SAP HANA One offers ground breaking in-memory data platform on two larger AWS instance types.  The two new instance types are the memory optimized r3.4xlarge (16 vCPUs and 122 GiB memory) and the r3.8xlarge (32 vCPUs and 244 GiB memory). Both are powered by Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2 (Ivy Bridge) Processors and come with SSD storage. The SSD storage will improve initial memory load, backups, and recovery compared to magnetic storage options available for smaller sized HANA One instances. Users now have the flexibility to use the SAP HANA platform on an hourly, pay as you go basis in three sizes: 60 GiB, 122 GiB, and 244 GiB.

The AWS-HANA update continues to provide the exceptional user experience of the HANA One Console for management of the cloud-based platform.  The newest update comes pre-installed with HANA service pack 9 (SPS9). SAP customers can move to the larger HANA instances by simply executing a database backup using the Console on your existing 60 GiB instance and “restoring” the database on one of the new larger instances. The Console also provides the ability to easily upgrade the system to service pack 10 (SPS10).

Hourly charges for the SAP HANA license* in the U.S. are: $.99/hr for 60GiB,  $1.99/hr for 122GiB, and $3.99/hr for 244GB.

For more information about getting started with larger HANA instances, SCN self-service support community for HANA on AWS can be found at .