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By Emily Breslin December 28, 2015

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SAP HANA Instances Ramp up to 244 GiB: Unlimited Capabilities

By Emily Breslin October 26, 2015



Scale Ideas and Grow in the Enterprise with SAP HANA, Now Bigger and Better Than Before.


SAP HANA is now offering production instances that are 4 times larger than before, representing an important opportunity for startups that use AWS as a critical instrument for the development and production of their SAP HANA Customer solutions. The announcement comes as part of the ongoing commitment by AWS and SAP to make fully-featured SAP HANA instances hosted on AWS easily deployable for SIs, ISVs, and innovative startups.


SAP HANA boasts the same processing compute power as before now with appropriate memory storage delivering scalability of up to a terabyte. With SAP HANA now able to retain its integrity irrespective of diverse customer requirements, startups can scale to diverse customer situations.


Ready. Set. Start.


Editor’s note: find original write up, SAP at AWS Re-Invent here.


SAP HANA One offers ground breaking in-memory data platform on two larger AWS instance types.  The two new instance types are the memory optimized r3.4xlarge (16 vCPUs and 122 GiB memory) and the r3.8xlarge (32 vCPUs and 244 GiB memory). Both are powered by Intel Xeon E5-2670 v2 (Ivy Bridge) Processors and come with SSD storage. The SSD storage will improve initial memory load, backups, and recovery compared to magnetic storage options available for smaller sized HANA One instances. Users now have the flexibility to use the SAP HANA platform on an hourly, pay as you go basis in three sizes: 60 GiB, 122 GiB, and 244 GiB.


The AWS-HANA update continues to provide the exceptional user experience of the HANA One Console for management of the cloud-based platform.  The newest update comes pre-installed with HANA service pack 9 (SPS9). SAP customers can move to the larger HANA instances by simply executing a database backup using the Console on your existing 60 GiB instance and “restoring” the database on one of the new larger instances. The Console also provides the ability to easily upgrade the system to service pack 10 (SPS10).


Hourly charges for the SAP HANA license* in the U.S. are: $.99/hr for 60GiB,  $1.99/hr for 122GiB, and $3.99/hr for 244GB.


For more information about getting started with larger HANA instances, SCN self-service support community for HANA on AWS can be found at .



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Startups Build on HANA Cloud Platform

By Emily Breslin October 26, 2015


Many startups in the program have made the move to the HANA Cloud Platform and have begun to reap obvious benefits. Startups also considering the move to SAP’s cloud platform may weigh it against Amazon Web Services, drawing the conclusion that at the deployment level, both offer similar technical capabilities at a competitive price. The true litmus test, however, is that HANA Cloud Platform also carries with it commercial implications, as it makes it easier for startups to sell into the SAP installed base by providing visibility as a partner among SAP’s existing solutions. In essence, startups are supported by similar technological capabilities and pricing, but can clearly delineate when it comes to scalability in the enterprise ecosystem.


Startups currently building on HCP have used it on a subscription based model to build and extend their SaaS applications. Startups will either use HCP services or are deployed natively on HANA Cloud Platform, the difference we draw between five startup showcases outlined below, including Liquid Analytics, OpsVeda, OPAL Analytics, Birst, SearchYourCloud, EnterpriseJungle, The Next View, and Foghorn.


hcp cloud


Startup HANA Cloud Platform Showcase


LIQUID ANALYTICSLiquid Analytics’ LifeInsights application harnesses real-time big data and sales enablement analytics in SAP HANA to drive sales teams to proactive actions that build customer trust and loyalty while helping sales managers and representatives meet their goals in real time. The solution is geared towards applications that work on native devices and web browsers, leveraging SAP HCP in conjunction with SAP ERP, SAP C4C, SAP HR, Concur, and SuccessFactors.


searchyourcloudSearchYourCloud is an accessible and more secure cloud, deployable and delivered on SAP HANA Cloud Platform. With a single request from any device, the SearchYourCloud patented algorithm quickly locates documents stored in the cloud, on the desktop, or in email anywhere, significantly increasing enterprise productivity for the end user. It’s not just Search. It’s Find. SearchYourCloud also protects privacy by locking down documents at the file level with AES 256 security.


opsvedaOpsVeda’s Operational Intelligence and Real-time Analytics and deployable on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, OpsVeda has developed a business execution platform that lets businesses optimize revenue opportunities and mitigate risks by leveraging real-time information across the enterprise.



Founder of Opal Analytics Alexander Gossmann feels HCP has a great technology platform for OPAL because according to him, “The architecture is really innovative — perfect for us. We can develop very quickly, don’t have to put different specialized systems together for different tasks, like querying, which we can do from different management tiers of the application because all querying is performed by a centralized query engine.” “Outbound queries are very important to OPAL’s capabilities, and HCP’s XS (Extended Application Services) engine handles queries seamlessly”.


OPAL Analytics relies on SAP HANA and the HANA Cloud Platform(HCP) to power Operational Analytics and Demand Planning. OPAL running on SAP HANA Cloud Platform provides the flexibility and ability to incorporate variables such as traffic and Google alerts, using an algorithm OPAL has built to incorporate these inputs. Gossmann built OPAL as a native application running on HCP, using HCP’s polyglot abstraction layer to write codes in JavaScript and SQLScript and some in C++ using the SDK of the Application Function Library (AFL), a calculation engine development deeply in HANA.


birstBirst solution which turns instant analytics into action, is certified with Amazon Redshift and also optimized and deployed on HANA Cloud Platform. The Birst 2-tier analytics unifies global point of sales data at the transaction level and combines it with enterprise sales shipments/ inventory data to deliver a worldwide real-time view of the business. Birst also refines the global and market-specific data, and organizes it into a unified, business-ready view of the information that can be delivered at scale to the entire sales organization.



enterprise jungleEnterpriseJungle for Social Engagement, Collaboration, and Enterprise Value: EnterpriseJungle has developed a social solution that sits atop people-centric applications including ESN, HRIS, and intranet, to facilitate collaboration and increase productivity. They have used the SAP SuccessFactors extension package on HANA Cloud Platform to enhance, extend and deploy their solution on HCP.



thenextviewThe Next View solution provides real-time user-friendly Invoice Insights to dramatically save time and money by providing the Cloud based dashboard running in SAP HANA Cloud Platform(HCP).  The Next View solution improves performance by connecting people, processes and technology and thereby simplifying IT in order to serve the end-user. The Next View therefore focuses on the end-user experience while combining possibilities of big data, security, the cloud and mobile apps.



foghornFogHorn is edge applications and an analytics platform for IoT. FogHorn’s edge applications and analytics platform leverages the SAP HANA cloud platform to deliver an IoT end-to-end solution that enables the development, deployment and analytics of data-driven IoT applications that span the edge, at the sensor network, and data center/cloud.


In essence, potential startups choosing between Amazon Web Services and HANA Cloud Platform must consider a variety of factors in choosing their cloud platform. HCP is a mature, usable, proven platform providing similar capabilities to AWS, with both cloud platforms having similar technical capabilities and competitively priced. Importantly, HCP ready startup applications provide the integration needed for quick deployment, and into the SAP ecosystem (via SAP Apps and Partner apps) easily and compatibly. Finally, for startups, HCP carries the additional bonus of being SAP strategic and closely aligned to its enterprise customers.


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Optimus Advantage: Retailer Co-Marketing Evolving at the Speed of Light on SAP HANA

By Michael Harris October 16, 2015


Retail co-marketing campaigns offer a new method for increasing sales.  The retail industry is changing rapidly due to the disruption from unpredictable innovation and breakthroughs from the financial technology sector offering new methods of payment.  The first wave of disruption was introduced through Web-based alternatives to brick and mortar stores, as exemplified by Amazon, ebay, and the latest,, featuring a shopper’s club membership discount model.


The second wave of disruption is now upon us, manifested by financial technology innovation.  Shoppers online or in-store have many ways to shop and make payments. Now, shoppers can make multiple and immediate item-price comparisons and choose the best offer. Further, shoppers can choose from over several hundred e-wallet payment solutions integrated with retailer rewards, loyalty programs, and co-marketing campaigns. History has proven the value of co-marketing still remains viable to make the customer buying experience one of increased value.


Successful Co-marketing Campaigns:


Co-marketing consists of two brands combining marketing efforts to market complimentary products to mutual customers. The value of co-marketing creates a seamless customer buying experience when purchasing both products. In 1991, the arcane microprocessor made by Intel suddenly became a household word when Intel co-marketed the Intel Inside with PC manufacturers. The Intel Inside campaign still remains one of the most successful co-marketing campaigns marketed directly to the consumer. This campaign propelled Intel into the top-ten list of brand names worldwide. Another aspect of its success enabled computer manufacturers to reduce advertising expenses by placing the Intel logo on the computer, as a sign of computer brand quality.


Co-marketing evolved further when Volvo and Legoland successfully co-marketed a campaign featuring a Volvo SUV made of Lego blocks. This program permitted children to learn to drive safely in the Legoland theme park. Volvo became the official car manufacturer of Legoland, and Legoland was featured by Volvo in automobile safety awareness advertisements directed at parents. Legoland has extended this same successful co-marketing program to other car manufacturers such as Porsche, Ford, and Ferrari.


The Dawn of Financial Technology in Retail:


Co-marketing has evolved into the present and is available in many e-wallet software applications, enabling co-marketing between merchants and solution providers to feature loyalty rewards and payment methods. The growth of e-wallets and financial technology innovation is growing. In a recent report, “Tracxn! Mobile FinTech Startup Landscape June 2015”, investments in mobile FinTech companies has increased dramatically and now totals over $2.3 billion invested in the last five years, with approximately $1 billion invested in the last 1.5 years.


Identified in this report were over a hundred mobile e-wallet software application providers that facilitate payments across different industries. One example is TabbedOut, a free customer mobile application that allows consumers to pay their bar or restaurant tab from their phones. Customer payment is integrated with the merchant’s point-of-sale (POS) system, which updates payment information directly in the POS system.


Bambora provides an end-to-end solution for mobile payment featuring store credits. Under the brand, it delivers a mobile payment solution to Selecta and Coca-Cola that enables customers to make purchases using their mobile phone, with the cost charged to their phone bill. Bambora also offers a white label mobile wallet for merchants looking to provide their loyal customers with a store credit and loyalty program.


The Value of Co-Marketing Store Credits:


Co-marketing retailer store credits offers many benefits to customers, as well as retailers.  Grocery shopping is usually associated with driving your car to the grocery store. Co-marketing can intelligently leverage this relationship and economize the customer buying experience by offering store credit discounts on both gasoline and groceries. We see today gas stations and grocery stores co-marketing, as money spent at a grocery store can translate to a discount on gasoline, and this relationship is managed by both retailers.


The result is a seamless customer buying experience at discount, while serving to increase both retailers revenue. Retailer store credits may also be electronically transferred between customers to ultimately be redeemed at the issuing retailer store. The co-marketing ecosystem opens up many new and exciting possibilities for retailers to create value by offering store credits on purchase of complimentary products or services. Now, retailers can coordinate the sale of products and services featuring distinct in store and online sales campaigns, offering personalized customer service at the speed of light on SAP HANA!


 About the Author: Michael Harris is the manager of Optimus Advantage LLC, a Chicagobased company that is part of the SAP Startup Focus program, building co-marketing applications on the lightning fast SAP HANA platform. More can be learned by visiting

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Unlocking the Benefits of the SAP HANA program

By Emily Breslin August 07, 2015

Written by Adie Fridman, SAP Startup Focus


Through SAP’s Startup Focus program, startups immediately open themselves up to a wide range of benefits to aid them through their development process. We offer development funding in addition to technical support and access to our development community network. We are here to provide your startup with any assistance you may require.


Startups who have attended a forum-either virtual or online- instantly qualify for benefits through the SAP Startup Focus program. Through the $100 AWS Credit we offer startups, they are able to leverage their free access to SAP HANA by unlocking a $100 Amazon Web Services credit to cover the costs of this service. The general premise of the programmatic cost coverage is to ensure that startups don’t have to pay for SAP HANA until they are established enough to cover these costs on their own. Along these lines, startups can access graduated AWS tiers that come in $1000, $5,000, and $15,000 credits as they progress through the program.


Beyond the significant benefit of AWS hosting and the credits the program provides, startups can begin driving their technology integration with SAP HANA by joining the almost 1,000 member online developer community, allowing them to interact online and seek any needed support.


Aside from merely being allowed access to the developer community, many other resources are readily available in our development accelerator to help startups learn how to use the HANA platform effectively and efficiently. Based on the way developers prefer to learn, the program offers several different tracks assisting them through the learning process. If you as a developer prefer to learn HANA with an instructor, self-paced, or on-the-job, these are all options available to you. In addition, if you want to get going and learn HANA at an accelerated pace, the program offers Accelerated Development Track Training which will prepare you in two weeks to develop and build solutions on SAP HANA.


The following are training programs we offer to learn how to code using the SAP HANA platform:


HANA Developer Training on OpenSAP


SAP HANA Academy


The HANA Developer Community on SCN


SAP HANA Protoyping Workshop


In addition, if you run into challenges or obstacles as a startup who has recently joined the program, you can easily ask questions and learn from more experienced developers in the community who may have faced the same challenges. We have a page dedicated to developers asking each other questions in an open network format, making it simple to collaborate.



If you get stuck, the program also offers SAP Startup Fast Start webinars that occur bi-weekly exclusively on topics of critical interest to HANA developers. For example, in the past there have been seminars hosted by HANA experts on SAP HANA for startups in the cloud, explaining options, setup and best practices.



The program’s developer accelerator operates to a simple mantra: Learn, Code, and Collaborate. We are here to provide funds and any support needed through our technical experts and developer community. Your startup’s success is also a success for our program, therefore we look forward to your startup’s growth and achievement in the future.






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Customer Success Story: Mobideo + Radwin

By Emily Breslin June 12, 2015


Industry: Oil & Gas

Source: Mobideo 

Telecommunications faces significant complexity and costs of deploying, decommissioning, maintaining, and upgrading wireless network infrastructure.


The business challenges associated with this industry include remote and distributed tower locations; utilization of subcontractors, collection and consolidation of documentation, cash flow and compliance with environmental, health and safety regulatory requirements.


Now companies have a means to effectively addressing these challenges, with the availability of mobility, cloud and analytics technologies. Mobideo workflow platform maximizes efficiency and reduces the cost of wireless telecommunications infrastructure operations. Each member of the network operations ecosystem – operator, prime contractor, subcontractors, suppliers and customers – has full visibility of all data captured in the field. Mobideo manages onsite teams and subcontractors in real-time to achieve maximum resource coordination and efficiency while providing up-to-the-minute task related information and progress. The critical challenge facing the industry in its heavy reliance on subcontractors doing the actual work at desperate operating locations is finally addressed. Mobideo enables enforcement of policies, protocols and best practices established by the master contractor as the system imposes the specific procedures, shields field workers from making mistakes and, ultimately, streamlines reporting and billing.


With Mobideo’s Web Portal, supervisors and management are finally able to address resource planning and optimization, full accountability of asset management and inventory, coordination across all players in the deployment process, and real-time problem identification and resolution. Mobideo works as a stand-alone system or interfaces with 3rd party ERP and Project Management systems and leverages their capabilities while ensuring data integrity and consistency.
Mobideo’s solution permits very cost-effective scalability by growing projects from small implementations using Software-as-a-Service to fully deployed enterprise solutions on premises. Our agnostic policy towards all mobile devices means we support your existing investment with a highly rapid deployment system for Mobideo’s mobile application on existing hardware. Mobideo is field tested and used by telecommunications customers worldwide.


Solution Overview


  • A mobile app for field and shop users combined with a portal app for the back office
  • Personalized step-by-step guidance, coaching, and validation, including viewing task, subtasks, and discrete steps for assets, data collection, and communication
  • Rapidly built from data retrieved from a variety of resources including electronic or hardcopy technical guidelines and interfaces to SAP ERP
  • Real-time and granular management of remote activities: resource allocation, real-time analytics, event-driven reporting, predictive analytics, and management-by-exceptions


Business Value


  • Reduces cycle times and allows for faster product release by eliminating failure-points
  • Full visibility, compliance tracking, situational awareness, and adaptability amongst all stakeholders of a business process
  • Ongoing business process improvement
  • Extremely fast deployment time


Customer Use Case: Radwin- Telecommunications 



SAP HANA Overview

✓ SAP HANA as a primary DB to power analytics and mobile functionality

✓ SAP HANA for real-time analytics and event driven reports

✓ Fully integrates with the SAP Mobile Solutions portfolio

✓ SFP technical validation


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CSUN: a Startup to Customer Network

By David May 26, 2015


Startup Focus now offers SAP Customers a way to take advantage of startup innovation, without becoming a startup themselves. The Customer Startup Network (CSUN) gives SAP Customers the ability to take validated SAP HANA solutions built by startups for a test drive.

“Between 2002-2012, average share price growth was 15% for Innovation Leaders, versus 6% for NASDAQ, 3% S&P500 and 2% for FTSE100” - ISPIM

Startup Focus now offers SAP Customers to take advantage of startup innovation, without becoming a startup themselves. The Customer Startup Network (CSUN) gives the SAP Customer install base the ability to take validated SAP HANA solutions built by startups for a test drive.


In a private and completely free environment, Customers can discover and experience startup solutions running on SAP HANA. They can view, try, and connect with a startup by trying both a standard data demo as well as their own data. By collaborating with startups, Customers can solve their most pressing challenges.

“There is a continuous cycle of innovation necessary in order to sustain growth and avoid collapse“ - Geoffrey West, TED

This is a no cost and risk opportunity for SAP Customers to solve their business challenges and try custom solutions. Enterprise sized companies easily benefit from Startup innovations.


Startup agility allows them to have rapid results and lead market innovation. By bringing the latest thinking from outside the enterprise and accelerating the time to a solution in a critical challenge area, a startup is the perfect ally to an Enterprise business challenge.

“When it comes to agility, startups have an edge over large corporations—whereas large corporations sit on resources which startups can only dream of. The combination of entrepreneurial activity with corporate ability seems like a perfect match, but can be elusive to achieve.” - Harvard Business Review

Access innovation. Don’t outsource, co-innovate.


Interested? Sign Up!


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The Wild West of IoT

By Emily Breslin April 27, 2015


Startup Focus Maps the opportunities for IoT startups at SAP


The world erupted with the advent of the internet. It was a momentous occasion signaling a complete revolution of communications and information like nothing else before. Bill Gates aptly described it as “the Internet becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow”.


For the Silicon Valley and innovation hubs across the globe, the internet has only been the critical building block for subsequent technologies that disrupt our world. In recent years, mobile has been the focal point, with the acceleration of connectivity enabling the mobile devices we carry to provide GPS navigation, embedded web browser, SMS messaging, and gaming capabilities.


Wireless enabled mobile computing has brought us to the next phase of infrastructure technology where the next generation of mobile will become context-aware by leveraging embedded physical sensors and instant data exchange functions, forming the basis for the Internet of Things.


However much the imminent tsunami of IoT-generated data will impact individuals and companies no one can tell yet. In the interim, the Startup Focus team has begun to discern IoT opportunities by first defining the technological precedent, how far along in development it is, and what it means for startups in the SAP Startup Focus program and ultimately for SAP’s enterprise customers.


Pioneering IoT


“The ‘Internet of things’ will link tens of thousands of sensor mesh networks. [It] will monitor the cargo in shipping containers, the air ducts in hotels, the fish in refrigerated trucks, and the lighting and heating in homes and industrial plants. But the nascent sensor industry faces a number of obstacles, including the need for a networking standard that can encompass its diverse applications, competition from other wireless standards, security jitters over the transmitting of corporate data, and some of the same privacy concerns that have dogged other emerging technologies.” -Robert Weisman, Boston Globe


Driving the IoT Opportunity West


Much of IoT requisite framework is already in place, like ethernet and Wi-Fi and information infrastructure including hardware (devices and sensors) and software (platform and advanced algorithms). Telecomm carriers have begun to offer machine friendly data plans which now offer lower price points for getting devices up and running. In addition, relatively economical software is being introduced in the market, allowing customers to experiment with IoT technology, gauge its performance and ROI, and scale it without incurring high cost.



Settling the West


What mobile technology was for SAP and other large firms three years ago, the Internet of Things is today. While mobile was a separate category in the past, it is now a characteristic of SAP’s complete software package and the company would like to see the same for IoT. The development of IoT technology will not only hinge on the proliferation of industry-wide infrastructure and standardization, but also key partnerships between large industry players like SAP and startups that together, will evaluate potential customers and use cases and create applicable solutions that form the building blocks of SAP’s new IoT end to end solution.


SAP has already set this precedent with the announcement of its partnerships with the global Internet of Things platform leader Jasper; the formation aimed at enabling companies of all sizes to “rapidly and cost-effectively launch, manage and monetize IoT services using its industry-leading software-as-a-service”. The Startup Focus Program’s own recent graduation of IoT startup SeeControl not only represents efforts to bring external IoT players with a deep understanding of the market into SAP’s conversation around IoT, but also highlight unique startup offerings that could prove valuable to SAP’s IoT extension on HCP. SeeControl, a San Francisco based startup entering its fifth year focusing on device provisioning and management and supporting multiple devices from multiple providers and harmonize the messages into a customer’s main data storage area, entered the program in mid-April.


Startup Focus Stakes a Claim


The Internet of Things market will undoubtedly usher in fundamental business transformation for SAP’s enterprise customers. Gaps in SAP’s current IoT end-to-end solution and providing insight and access to customers with viable use cases gets to the heart of the role Startup Focus will play going forward: as liaison between the two groups in bringing in the most current technology on the market into the company, and in return, translating the needs of SAP’s customers and use cases.


On the startup side, Startup Focus sees two large opportunities available to startups and SAP. The first, fleshing out platform opportunities, will be focus largely on bridging SAP’s HCP and Mobile divisions to external IoT platform companies. The benefits are clear for both sides: IoT platform and services startups exogenous to SAP stand to benefit from HANA Cloud Platform as the core or center, while the HANA Cloud Platform division can expose itself as a platform to IoT providers in the ecosystem at large.


The second opportunity the team has identified involves application development, and more specifically, finding advanced machine learning or algorithm companies that dig deep into the variety of sensor data and can glean insight from it. Companies like Startup Focus member Falkonry, whose platform enables encoding system know-how such as failure modes and system structure into machine learning, will be a relationship that stands to enrich the IoT platform & services offering.


The SAPPHIRENOW conference May 5-7 will be an inflection point for the Internet of Things, as customers’ perspectives on new IoT technology will be brought to light, and the nature of relationship of IoT startups to the larger SAP machinery will become clear. Stay up to speed with news from Sapphire @SAPStartups #SAPPHIRENOW and follow the story at Startup Focus on Storify.


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Startup Focus at SAPPHIRENOW 2015

By Emily Breslin April 27, 2015

Startup Focus Presence at SAPPHIRENOW

SAPPHIRENOW is always big, with thousands of SAP employees, customers, analysts, press & media, and unique to the Startup Focus team, big data and predictive analytics startups in attendance. For Startup Focus this year, the SAPPHIRENOW conference promises even more engagement, excitement, and traction with SAP customers. For the first time ever many of the startups in attendance will be bringing their customers, including the large enterprise brands Cargill, Genentech, and Glazers. Shared startup-customer presentations will focus on lessons learned, best practices, industry outlooks, and why startups play a deep and continued role in the long term sustainability of large enterprise customers. As part of the team’s engagement with SAP’s premier customer user group, ASUG, startups will also have unprecedented access to a host of enterprise CIOs and leadership. During the multiple sessions held in the ASUG Hub, Startup Focus will define new use cases and facilitate new opportunities to design, build, test, and scale new startup products together with startups and customers.


  • SAP Startup Focus will host 22 presentations in the ASUG area, where startups and customers will present use cases
  • A demo station on the main show floor will showcase all market-ready startup solutions
  • Theater sessions and microforums at the Platform & Technology Campus will highlight SAP’s innovation journeys, notably highlighting many of the startups in the program

Find us at the Startup Focus homebase, PT 426.

Tuesday,  May 5th – activities


@ ASUG HUB Sessions (Theater 4)

11.00 – 11.20am   IoT and Big Data: The Future of the Enterprise  Apporchid

11.20 – 11.40am   The Future of Enterprise Wearables  APX Labs

11.40 – 12.00pm   The Future of Retail  Wittos

12.30 – 12.50pm   The Future of Healthcare  Convergence CT

12.50 – 1.10pm   The Future of Field-Level Context   Itizzimo

1.10 – 1.30pm   The Future of Assett Management  See Control

1.45 – 2.05pm  The Future of Supply Chain  Semantic Visions

2.05 – 2.25pm   The Future of Business Intelligence  Synerscope

2.25 – 2.45pm  Twirl Analytics  Twirl Analytics

@ The Platform &  Technology Campus


11.00 – 4.00pm   Bring Innovation to the Enterprise with a Startup Focus  Demo Pod PT426
1.00 – 1.45pm   Think Like a Startup to Out-innovate Competition  Microforum PT 415


Wednesday, May 6th- activities

@ ASUG HUB Sessions (Theater 4)

11.00 – 11.20am   Bringing Startup Innovation to Utilities  See Control
4.15 – 4.35pm   The Future of Agriculture and Food-Processing  Beyondcore & Cargill
4.35 – 4.55pm   Bringing Startup Innovation to Wholesale Distribution  Liquid Analytics

@ Platform & Technology Campus


§11.00 – 6.00pm   Bring Innovation to the Enterprise with a Startup Focus  Demo Pod PT426



Thursday, May 7 activities


ASUG HUB Sessions (Theater 4)

2.20 – 2.40pm  Bringing Startup Innovation to Retail  OpsVeda
2.40 – 3.00pm   Bringing Startup Innovation to Human Resources  EnterpriseJungle
3.50 – 4.10pm   Bringing Startup Innovation to Utilities  AppOrchid

@ Platform & Technology Campus

12.00 – 5.30pm   Bring Innovation to the Enterprise with a Startup Focus  Demo Pod PT426
3.00 – 3.20pm  Innovate your Way to Market Leadership  P&T Theater 1


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Co-Innovate with SAP: Bridging the Digital Divide with Latino Startups

By Emily Breslin April 23, 2015

Written by Alejandro Barajas, Manager, Global Business Development and Strategic Alliances


Critical to any workplace environment is diversity, which lends perspective, varied experience and people of varied backgrounds to come together to define the best outcomes and deliver optimal solutions. As a team, Startup Focus has made diversity a commitment, both internally and within the startup founder population. Part of this commitment is articulated in the following article written by Startup Focus partner, Alejandro Barajas, Co-Lead for Latinos@SAP. The mission of the group, says Barajas, is to bring the Latino population into the SAP workforce, and by extension, into the startup cohort accepted into the program.


Latinos@SAP is an employee network that provides Latinos and friends the opportunity to connect, share experiences and expertise, and promote professional development via an online community and onsite events to promote cultural awareness and support diversity efforts at SAP.


Overall, the employee network’s strategic goal would be to recruit young Latino talent and retain them through professional mentorship to ensure broader visibility within SAP.  Ultimately, this culminated into a strategic initiative to ensure SAP becomes the employer of choice for Latinos, so there is broader representation by recruiting locally at university career fairs with HR, professional development and mentorship, job shadowing, and forming strategic partnerships with non-profit organizations and other employee networks within the Silicon Valley.


Strategic Partnership: Latinos@SAP and SAP Startup Focus Program


According to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Latinos are the fastest growing segment in America with 3.2 million enterprises, which contribute $486 billion to the economy each year.  To broaden SAP’s visibility within the Latino community, the SAP Startup Focus Program and Latinos@SAP partnered to market SAP as the go-to-partner for Latino startups.  With sponsorship from SAP’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Office (GDIO), the idea would be for these startups to co-innovate with SAP by leveraging the SAP HANA Platform to build, integrate, and certify applications based on their unique industry-specific expertise.  This would offer SAP customers a broad and diverse selection of certified applications provided by Latino startups.


To accelerate awareness and platform adoption, two strategic locations: Palo Alto, California and Newtown Square, Philadelphia with local SAP offices were selected to ensure local resources were available to support this strategic initiative.  At these locations, two to four meetups would be organized during 2015 with topics centered on co-innovation with SAP.  Partnering with regional employee networks and Latino startup incubators would help to create mindshare and accelerate awareness of this initiative to ensure attendance by Latino startups.


Once in the SAP Startup Focus Program, Latino entrepreneurs would have access to training and technical resources to learn SAP HANA and build applications before submitting them for certification to ensure technical compatibility within the SAP HANA database.  To go-to-market with SAP, Latino startups would have access to marketing resources and sales enablement to ensure its market-ready solutions are successful with prospects and customers, which includes more than 250,000 global SAP customers and the potential to attract new customers from emerging market segments.


SAP Startup Focus Program: Creating a Home for Latino Startups


In order for SAP’s Latino Entrepreneurship Program to be successful – a joint partnership between Latinos@SAP and the SAP Startup Focus Program – Latino startups need to feel comfortable not only with having access to training and technical resources, but having a sense of belonging with an established brand and market leader, who can ensure its success by providing access to the right people, right resources, and right opportunities, which culminate into SAP.  Manju Bansal, Vice President for SAP Startup Focus Program, stated, “Collaborating with Latinos@SAP ensures Latino entrepreneurs see SAP as a brand they can trust and co-innovate with to bring the next generation of HANA-based applications into the market.”  He further elaborated, “Establishing a sense of community within the Latino community is essential to gain their trust in order to increase Latino startup participation within the SAP Startup Focus Program.”  For Latinos@SAP, it is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how an employee network can partner with a business unit within SAP to establish go-to-market efforts to bring broader visibility to an untapped market to drive potential business opportunities in the near future.  Alejandro Barajas, Co-Lead for Latinos@SAP, stated “Forming a strategic alliance with the SAP Startup Focus Program was essential to demonstrate how diversity can drive innovation at SAP to ultimately tap into an emerging business market segment – Latino entrepreneurs – to build innovative and market-ready applications on SAP HANA, which create business opportunities for SAP and offers a diverse breed of applications for prospects and SAP customers.”  Ultimately, the goal of this joint venture would be to bring twenty to twenty-five Latino startups into the SAP Startup Focus Program to build and certify applications on SAP HANA with the potential to present them at SAPPHIRE NOW and SAP TechEd && d-code conferences to maximize market exposure with SAP customers and prospects.


For more information on SAP’s Latino Entrepreneurship Program, please contact Alejandro Barajas, Luis Colmenares, and Manju Bansal.

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