Customer Success Story: Mobideo + Radwin

Industry: Oil & Gas

Source: Mobideo 

Telecommunications faces significant complexity and costs of deploying, decommissioning, maintaining, and upgrading wireless network infrastructure.

The business challenges associated with this industry include remote and distributed tower locations; utilization of subcontractors, collection and consolidation of documentation, cash flow and compliance with environmental, health and safety regulatory requirements.

Now companies have a means to effectively addressing these challenges, with the availability of mobility, cloud and analytics technologies. Mobideo workflow platform maximizes efficiency and reduces the cost of wireless telecommunications infrastructure operations. Each member of the network operations ecosystem – operator, prime contractor, subcontractors, suppliers and customers – has full visibility of all data captured in the field. Mobideo manages onsite teams and subcontractors in real-time to achieve maximum resource coordination and efficiency while providing up-to-the-minute task related information and progress. The critical challenge facing the industry in its heavy reliance on subcontractors doing the actual work at desperate operating locations is finally addressed. Mobideo enables enforcement of policies, protocols and best practices established by the master contractor as the system imposes the specific procedures, shields field workers from making mistakes and, ultimately, streamlines reporting and billing.

With Mobideo’s Web Portal, supervisors and management are finally able to address resource planning and optimization, full accountability of asset management and inventory, coordination across all players in the deployment process, and real-time problem identification and resolution. Mobideo works as a stand-alone system or interfaces with 3rd party ERP and Project Management systems and leverages their capabilities while ensuring data integrity and consistency.
Mobideo’s solution permits very cost-effective scalability by growing projects from small implementations using Software-as-a-Service to fully deployed enterprise solutions on premises. Our agnostic policy towards all mobile devices means we support your existing investment with a highly rapid deployment system for Mobideo’s mobile application on existing hardware. Mobideo is field tested and used by telecommunications customers worldwide.

Solution Overview

  • A mobile app for field and shop users combined with a portal app for the back office
  • Personalized step-by-step guidance, coaching, and validation, including viewing task, subtasks, and discrete steps for assets, data collection, and communication
  • Rapidly built from data retrieved from a variety of resources including electronic or hardcopy technical guidelines and interfaces to SAP ERP
  • Real-time and granular management of remote activities: resource allocation, real-time analytics, event-driven reporting, predictive analytics, and management-by-exceptions

Business Value

  • Reduces cycle times and allows for faster product release by eliminating failure-points
  • Full visibility, compliance tracking, situational awareness, and adaptability amongst all stakeholders of a business process
  • Ongoing business process improvement
  • Extremely fast deployment time

Customer Use Case: Radwin- Telecommunications 

SAP HANA Overview

✓ SAP HANA as a primary DB to power analytics and mobile functionality

✓ SAP HANA for real-time analytics and event driven reports

✓ Fully integrates with the SAP Mobile Solutions portfolio

✓ SFP technical validation