HANA Innovation Awards 2017

To our SAP Startup Focus members:

The SAP HANA Innovation Award  (HIA) is back for its 4th season. It has grown every year since inception. In 2016, we had over 100 entries, and we hope for even more in 2017.  Participation in the award is a great way to highlight game changing stories of innovation using SAP solutions.  SAP  puts the full weight of it’s marketing engine behind the program. Participating SAP Startup Focus members benefit from extensive media exposure and visibility both leading to and following the SAP SAPPHIRE NOW conference. In 2016, the HIA website and social media campaign generated 19M impressions and 141K site views.

This year we are expanding the award to include customers who are using any of the SAP Platform and Technology solutions.  All SAP Startup Focus members who have developed a commercial application for their customers or deployed SAP HANA, SAP Hana Cloud Platform (HCP), Analytics , or other SAP  Platform and Technology solutions can enter. The attached pdf provides details regarding the key elements of the HIA 2017 award as it relates to tacks, categories for submission, the judging criteria and the awards.

SAP Startup Focus members can submit their entries in the customer track, submitting a story about a commercial applications they have developed using  SAP Platform and Technology solutions or the partner track, submitting jointly with a customer to tell that customers’ story. The submission entry is in two parts:  a solution presentation (The Pitch Deck) and a simplified online entry form.

Get started now!  The submission period has begun and we encourage you to start working on your entries as early as possible.  The deadline for entry submission is March 17th 2017.  Visit the 2017 HIA website for rules and regulation related to the award. If you are not already a member from last year, please send an email to Jeff Thompson to receive an invitation to the HIA Partner JAM site where you will find even more information as well as tips and tools to help you get the most out of the award.

You can join the conversation on social media at #InnovationStory.

Please send an email for any additional information or clarification.