HURU Systems gets the US Patent for its Revolutionary Supply Chain Platform with Real-time Asset Tracking & Chain of Custody

HURU Systems, based in California, US and Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a supply chain platform company providing solutions that allow customers to record and track the work process and flow of products from the factory or warehouse to the field, while checking in real-time the location of each item no matter where it is or who has custody. This helps to optimize materials management and to reduce theft and improve field personnel efficiencies.

HURU Systems uses next generation processes to track physical assets from birth in factories to the field and ultimately till the retirement of the assets. Real time inventory management through the use of chain-of-custody methodology builds a wealth of cloud based data from photos, time and GPS stamps, and proprietary authentication protocols to optimize materials management and reduce loss due to theft. The asset tracking platform therefore allows for the validation of tens of millions of assets installed in the field and search for lost or stolen assets throughout the system.

HURU Solution covers

  • Real-time inventory management: State-of-the-art solutions help manage and control the flow of inventory throughout the lifecycle of assets, products, and goods.
  • Chain of custody management: First of its kind, technology-based process to track the movement of assets and products throughout an enterprise, focusing on chain of responsibility.
  • Logistics management: Trillions of unique harmonizing codes allow for the monitoring, managing, and recording of all enterprise logistics associated with the flow of products and goods.
  • Analytics: All logistics information, responsibility tracking, and asset control data is recorded and stored during the lifecycle of the product. Enabling the analysis of that data helps optimize enterprise processes.

The Current World Situation

In today’s world, we face harsh realities such as:

  • 85 to 95 Billion dollars annual losses due to theft of electricity
  • Additional Billions of annual losses due to inability to track assets
  • Tampering of electric meters and security seals
  • Lack of adequate tracking of assets
  • No real-time validation of the integrity of a given installation

HURU Platform solves these problems using

  • Harmonized coding and packaging methodology in factories
  • Chain of custody & real-time inventory adjustments throughout supply chain
  • Real time tracking of asset to each individual of the organization throughout the whole supply chain process.
  • Field service module that juxtaposes field service orders with inventory management and asset custody in real time.

SAP HANA based HURU Solution provides

  • Sub-second queries over history of millions of items (avg. 100ms per 1 million items with single join)
  • Up to 80% data compression using SAP HANA
  • 5 to 6 times faster query execution for data analytics on core business processes with SAP HANA

Target Industries and Current Customers

HURU solution is used by customers in US, Mexico, Brazil, India, Europe targeted to Utilities with over 800,000,000 customers served. Additional Go-to-Market Industries include Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Military, Aerospace, Agricultural, Government, Chemical, Manufacturing and other areas.

HURU gets US Patent for its Supply Chain Platform

HURU Systems has been granted the first of three US Patents for its supply chain platform. The HURU System patent covers the methodology for creating harmonized codes during production. This patent covers the application of an audit system in the packaging methodology which guarantees that assets are placed in the correct bags, boxes, and pallets. This patent is the foundation that allows for efficient real-time tracking of distribution and visualization of physical assets as they move from factories to warehouses to administrators or to field service personnel and between field service personnel, maintaining real-time inventory levels for everyone in the utility business.

HURU next generation supply chain platform helps to resolve major difficulties facing utility companies worldwide. Today, utilities face two major obstacles in their operations: energy theft and inefficient physical asset management.  Although the HURU platform was initially developed for utilities, it is also sold in 25 industries, from automotive to aerospace to pharmaceuticals.

HURU tracks utilities’ most valuable assets, electric meters and their respective security seals, to ensure the integrity of energy delivery. Although HURU Systems technology is designed to track all assets for utility companies, the physical assets for revenue recovery are the most important. Electricity theft worldwide is estimated in the range of 90 billion USD per year. Over 50% of these losses can be attributed to meter tampering and lack of traceability of security seals and meters. The HURU solution enables a utility to track real-time inventory levels down to individual persons through the use of its chain of custody process and receipt system.

HURU Factory Module: Coding and packaging control in the factory

  • Each manufactured asset receives a unique cyphered code.
  • All codes are verified to match the box they are packaged in.
  • The same process repeats by matching the boxes codes to the pallets in which they are grouped.
  • Bundling codification and packaging methodology providing unique identification of each asset and its groupings at multiple levels

HURU Solution Overall Architecture based on SAP Cloud Platform

HURU Solution Data Flow using SAP Cloud Platform as backbone:

HURU Solution based on SAP Cloud Platform helps to:

  • Create processes for assets to migrate throughout an enterprise in a secure tamper-evident form.
  • Storage of key data from each step of migration for security and analytical purposes.
  • Timely, detailed information allows utility to stamp out fraud and buttress security as warranted.
  • Data analytics creates optimized management reports for field activity which reduces operating costs significantly.

Using HURU solution therefore results in

  • Reduction in estimated 30% loss of revenue due to non-technical losses in electric utility sector
  • Billions of dollars of lost revenue recaptured
  • Reduction in millions of dollars in lost/ stolen assets
  • 25% improvement in field personnel efficiency as measured by service visits
  • 12% reduction in missed service calls
  • 50% reduction in cable and connector usage by linemen
  • 30% improvement in detection of anomalies in electric grid