Optimize and streamline supply chain processes with Celonis

By Bastian Nominacher, CEO and Co-Founder, Celonis


Big Data is today’s hot topic, and however deep the data lake may be, the key question is consistent across companies: how do you leverage this data to extract the most business value from it? Process Mining directly addresses this question by providing the fastest possible benefits from insights, with an intense focus on processes. The approach promises more efficiency and better compliance – and can be used with data from all source systems.

Process Mining has existed as an academic concept for some time, but the practical application of the concept as a technology is quite young. Celonis, a German startup founded by 3 graduates of Technical University Munich, brought Process Mining to an enterprise-ready level. Celonis’ rapid revenue, customer, and employee growth are pushing the company towards achieving unicorn status – and Celonis has been collaborating with SAP Startup Focus since its early days. “SAP Startup Focus was a great benefit for us – both in product development as well as in our go-to-market efforts. We succeeded very fast in joint sales and adaptation to customer needs”, says Bastian Nominacher, co-founder and co-CEO of Celonis. As the company grew, cooperation and information exchange became even more intense, and since 2015 the Process Mining technology of Celonis is globally resold by SAP as “SAP Process Mining by Celonis”.

Many Celonis customers are part of the SAP world. For instance, Bayer Group analyzes data from its more than 10 SAP systems with Celonis technology. Siemens collects data from its 70+ SAP ECC systems on a central HANA data lake – with Celonis linking directly to this raw data platform. 2,700 employees at Siemens use process mining to analyze and optimize more than 30 different processes like Purchase-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash. The results are stunning: many of Celonis’ customers have reduced their process costs by up to 50 percent by eliminating unnecessary process loops or manual activities.

Celonis also draws on customer needs and experiences to contribute to product innovation, and the company has entered a new arena with its latest advancement: Celonis Pi, Process Mining technology enhanced by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Compare Celonis Pi to an automated business consultant that not only visually maps potential for process improvements, but also offers recommended approaches and possible solutions. Celonis Pi learns from work processes, recognizes correlations between causes and effects, and identifies discrepancies at early stage. Machine learning thus enables predictive analytics and maintenance based on historical experience in combination with classic indicators.

Improvements like these keep the developers at Celonis busy: “We continuously strive to make our technology even more intelligent and performant and to fulfill customer needs,” says Nominacher. “Processes need to be seamless, fast and automated to cope with competitive pressure. That’s why we integrated the latest algorithms from artificial intelligence.”