Unified Inbox

Unified Inbox has created the first truly cloud-based unified communication and social collaboration platform that centralizes external conversations, social engagement, and internal team collaboration into one experience across desktop and mobile devices to quickly and accurately prioritize what to know, see, and do at that moment.


•Sits at the intersection of big data, mobility, and the cloud

•Extracts key signals from massive amounts of unstructured inbox data

•Predictive algorithms runs in real-time to sort the inbox per users’ relevance

•Integrates with other leading software and systems

•Ideal and essential communication layer for early warning systems and alerts

•Ideal protocol for the Internet Of Things

•Unified archive and backup of all online digital communication

•Cross-channel, objective trending, and collaborative behavioral analytics


•Reduce time on email and digital communication

•Increase productivity and efficiency

•Reach anyone, anytime, anywhere, in any channel

•Avoid lost messages and sales opportunities

•Improve cross department, team, and inter-company collaboration

•Actively addresses bring your own device and work-life balance concerns for the individual and the business