WINGS ICT Solutions has developed ‘Knowledge Generation and Visualization’ (KGV), a machine learning and analytics solution for big data designed specifically for telecommunications. It processes related big data in real time, then builds and visualizes that knowledge in a manner that shows the current and future demand on the network.


•Predicts telecommunication network demands

•Leverages highly heterogeneous data including weather, area, day and time access, user and app data, etc.

•Based on unsupervised machine learning techniques including parameter-less growing and traditional self-organizing maps

•User-friendly visualized diagrams of the network load vs. time

•Supports power users – sets variables for predicting the network load, builds new knowledge, validates the tool, and sets requests for network load prediction

•Supports business users – sets requests for network load predictions


•Automation and energy savings lower operational expenditure by 30-40%

•Reduce capital expenditures 10% - 20% by avoiding worst-case oriented planning

•Increase revenue by leveraging predictions to offer improved personalized service

•Achieves prediction accuracy at the level of 85-95% and deviations (MSE) up to 0.000553

•Enhance agility, speed, reliability, and proactivity