MyOmega System Technologies GmbH

MyOmega System Technologies has developed TracoVino™ a sensor network data/Internet of Things solution specifically focused on agricultural big data analysis and predictions for the wine industry. The solution can also be used to manage big industrial industries such as chemical and supply plants, etc.


•TracoVino™ operates via sensor platforms with multiple sensors that collect and route data to the MYNXG CTRL

•The SAP HANA solution is used for predictive analysis purposes in order to predict the wine quality, quantity and other performance data such as air humidity, temperature, light intensity, and historical data

•Measurement data is gathered from sensors deployed over various vineyards

The unique mid-range radio solution fully integrated, end-to-end, with Ericsson


•Sensors continually gather data about the health of the vines and relaying it to the cloud for analysis, giving wine makers insight that can lead to higher quality wine

•A real-time view of how vines are doing, how weather conditions are affecting them

•Reduce resources and risk, while improving quality and quantity

•Agricultural inventory analysis allows for more efficient processing and production

•Removes guesswork from production through harvest

End-to-end elevation in quality and reduction in cost