SAP HANA Executive Advisory Council


Event Name: SAP HANA Executive Advisory Council
Date : March 21-22
Venue : Quadrus Conference Center , Menlo Park

Driven by SAP HANA customers, the Executive Advisory Council brings together customers and SAP executives in an intimate forum for networking, learning, and maximizing SAP HANA.
The discussion topics include updates on the SAP HANA roadmap (including S4/HANA), Analytics roadmap, customer exchanges on their live use cases/best practices, HANA in the Cloud, and HANA for Internet of Things (IoT) to name a few.
The event was co-hosted by Varian Medical Systems and SAP at the picturesque Quadrus Conference Center in Menlo Park.

The 2-day event featured over 80 SAP HANA customer executives from different companies, Executives and Subject matter experts from SAP and multiple expert sessions on various topics related to SAP Hana.

The Startup Focus team was invited to this event to showcase its portfolio of startups that have built innovation solutions using SAP Hana platform and technologies. 4 lucky startups participated in this event showcasing their solutions and had a fantastic opportunity to network with the 80+ executives and customers in attendance. The 4 startups were:
1) Ops Veda ( )
2) Capriza (
3) Foghorn ( )
4) Quantiply ( )

If you have any questions about this event , please reach out to:
Startup Focus team :
Mayank Mathur (
Dave Katona (

SAP Hana Exective Council team
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