SAP Startup Focus is on its way to Lisbon for the SAP International Utilities Conference – by T.A. Cook | 28th – 30th of March 2017 | Lisbon Congress Center, Belem, Portugal

By Gina Salluzzi Specialist Market Enablement & GTM for EMEA and Ma Luisa Silva Global Director Market Enablement & GTM


The International SAP Conference for Utilities represents SAP’s leading global utility industry conference. The utilities industry is dynamic and fast moving and digital disruption is strongly impacting all lines of business, bringing with it opportunities and challenges. The International SAP Conference for Utilities aims to address these diverse challenges by bringing forward those that have the audacity and courage to tackle these. Within that context SAP Startup Focus will be showcasing four industry relevant startups at the event demonstrating how their solutions can impact and accelerate Digital Transformation within the Utilities industry.

Enersis suisse AG, offers advanced analytics for smart-grid and sustainability management. Its 15 grid applications combine all internal and external energy-relevant Data to provide more transparency with the goal of energy transformation.

HURU systems, proposes next-generation processes to track physical assets from their birth in the factory, during their time in the field and ultimately until the moment of their retirement. Using chain-of-custody methodology, real-time inventory management builds a wealth of cloud-based data from photos, time and GPS stamps, and proprietary authentication protocols. The asset-tracking platform supports the validation of tens of millions of assets installed in the field, as well as the active search for lost or stolen assets.

Meteo Protect, is fully dedicated to weather risk management. With Vivaldi technology, a risk assessment and hedging software solution that aggregates a global weather database and pricing platform. The solution is offered to insurance companies and cooperatives who want to distribute weather hedging information to their clients and affiliates, but it is also extremely valuable to Utilities and other businesses which performances are subject to weather influence.

Teknoleum. Their solution, PV², is a cloud-based analytical IoT-application for photovoltaic plant management to help increase revenues & lower O&M costs for better margins. It delivers role-based dashboards with a centralized view of multiple sites. It provides easy-to-consume, visual analytics to enable plant operations optimization and provide accurate energy forecasts.

Lastly but not least, a fifth (more mature) startup from SAP’s Startup Focus program will be onsite as well as event Platinum Sponsors. This startup is Choice Technologies, whose solution helps utilities increase revenue and performance by detecting and reducing energy losses.

As T.A. Cook has so eloquently put, “networking will be at the heart of the 2017 event”. In alignment with this motto, SAP Startup Focus showcase (booth 33) will be located at the heart of the conference hall together with SAP’s main showcase. Choice Technologies as Platinum Sponsor will be right next this as well.  

Beyond the physical showcase during the conference, attending startups will also present at SAP’s Micro-forum Theatres please event schedule below for full details. Enersis suisse AG and Meteo Protect will be accompanied by their respective customers E.ON and Munich Re, to convey how the startup solutions are adding value to their companies.

March 29th – 14:25 – 14:40

Supply Chain Solution for Utilities: Real-Time Inventory and Chain of Custody Management System

Ian Nazzari, HURU Systems

March 29th – 16:05 – 16:20

Lifting Global CO2 Monitoring to the Digital Level with IoT and the SAP HANA® Platform

Christina Wuerthner, Enersis Suisse AG

Ann-Katherin Krimmel, E.ON

March 29th – 14:25 – 14:40 (stage 2)

Assessing and Hedging Weather Risk – Case Study: German Stadtwerke

Gabriel Gross, Meteo Protect

Marcel-Steffen Rief, MunichRe.


We are All very excited with this upcoming event and looking forward for amazing interaction with attendees and industry stakeholders.

We will share more on our return.