Say hello to chatbots, your new best friends

“All of our agents are busy at this time. Your call is very important to us. Please hold, and we will answer your call as soon as possible.”


It is difficult to feel important as a customer when you have to wait in line to get your question answered. Customers today demand prompt responsiveness from brands which places more pressure on companies to provide fast and reliable customer service across different channels. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the world, and the potential of AI-based technologies is high especially in the areas of intelligent automation and customer call centers.


It is no surprise that startups are seizing on the opportunity and creating innovative solutions to address this unmet need. Pypestream, an AI startup enrolled in the SAP Startup Focus Program, is helping companies simplify the customer support experience and increase customer satisfaction while also reducing costs with AI enabled chatbots.


What are Chatbots?

Chatbots are automated computer programs that simulate human conversation using Artificial Intelligence. According to TechEmergence, chatbots are expected to be No.1 consumer applications of AI over the next five years. They can be programmed to handle frequent and repetitive questions, complete specific tasks like placing an order or even guide a user through a multi-step process. There will be situations that bots are not trained for, and companies must understand which use cases can be automated and build in the right handovers to let customers talk to human operators when they reach a point of frustration that a bot would not be able to handle.


Exclusive Interview with Pypestream

I took the opportunity to ask Richard Smullen, CEO and Founder of Pypestream to share their story and the latest of Pypestream. Here is what he had to say:


Who is Pypestream?

Pypestream is a Customer Engagement Solution for the Enterprise that allows businesses to transform their customer experience with better service, increased engagement, and reduced costs.  Pypestream enables companies to provide the ideal customer service by combining the power of humans and bots. At the core of Pypestream’s solution is a patented Smart Messaging Platform that uses Artificial Intelligence and chatbots to better connect companies to their customers. Using Natural Language Processing and keyword parsing all inquiries are routed to dedicated chatbots designed to resolve repetitive queries. Complex issues that fall outside of a chatbot’s capability are transferred to live agents through an uninterrupted conversation.





How did Pypestream come to life?

I was at an important dinner meeting in Miami. Unable to change my flight through various attempts and a long time spent waiting on the airline’s apps and 800 numbers, I opened up Whatsapp and messaged my sister to help with the process, so as to not continue to interfere with the meeting. A short 10 minutes later, I had a new itinerary and a new idea, “That was easy! Why couldn’t I just message directly with the airline, why did I have to get my sister involved?”. Pypestream was born.


How is Pypestream leveraging AI and Machine Learning?

Pypestream’s solutions leverage the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for both business process automation and transactions, marketing campaigns and content distribution. Pypestream’s pragmatic AI and chatbots help companies deliver an always-on, responsive, and on-demand customer experience while empowering customers to process payments with ease, submit claims, schedule appointments, and even transfer and store critical files (e.g. billing statements).

When deploying bots for businesses, it is critical to monitor customer conversations to identify repeatable interactions that can be handled by chatbots as well as recognize where the chatbot’s capability fails and customers need more information.


Pypestream just raised $15 mil in series A funding. What areas of the business will you invest these funds in?

We will continue to evolve and enhance the technology stack, adding new features and supporting additional languages as expansion abroad accelerates. We will also invest in the Sales and Marketing Teams as Pypestream is growing and expanding outside the US.



Meet Pypestream at the “AI & the Enterprise” event on March 29th

Richard Smullen, CEO and Founder of Pypestream, will be speaking at “AI & the Enterprise,” an event hosted by SAP Startup Focus and OneEleven in Toronto on March 29th. Check out the full agenda.

Attendees will get the opportunity to meet Pypestream, Fiddlehead, and, and learn more about AI in enterprise applications and how industries can integrate AI and machine learning into existing enterprise structures.


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