42 Technologies, Inc.

In the fast moving global retail environment, 42 Technologies is dedicated to delivering the best technology to make sure customers always stay ahead. 42 Technologies has experience spanning retail and technology, having worked at Fortune 500’s such as Procter & Gamble, Google, and Facebook. They understand that data driven decisions are important, but most people are short on time. Their mission is to deliver a platform that’s powerful, yet simple.


•The solution leverages SAP HANA as the primary data store for customers transactional data, that powers the dashboard with sophisticated analytical queries

•The solution leverages the column store engine and PAL to provide real-time analytics

•By removing pre-calculated aggregates, the application logic is keep simple and does not requires complex maintenance of materialized aggregates

•Due to the column store and in-memory architecture, processing hundreds of million records can still be achieved in a small amount of time

•The forecasting and clustering functionality of PAL allows for superior insights


•Forecasting for sales and inventory on store (up to 200) and item level (up to 50k) including drill downs on all attributes

•Clustering of customers to allow targeting of certain groups based on given criteria

•What-if analysis and simulations using historical data and user input

•The algorithms find the best ways to grow a business by identifying opportunities to increase growth and reduce inefficiencies

•User-friendly design and interface allows non-experts take advantage of complex data sets

•Eliminates slow labor intensive traditional tools, spreadsheets and costly consultants