Aaum Research and Analytics Private Limited

Founded by IIT Madras alumnus and established at IIT Madras Research Park with a focus on researching and developing sophisticated analytical solutions to solve pressing needs across a wide range of businesses including: travel and logistics, finance, insurance, human resources, health care, entertainment, fast-moving consumer goods, retail, and telecom.


•Affordable and customizable platform that helps the business scale analytics as needed

•Preexisting advanced analytics solutions that fit common business needs

•Offered in three modes:

> Basic customer needs such as reporting

> Intermediate requirements such as reporting and data analysis

> Advanced analytics such as prediction, big data analytics, etc.


•Rapid ROI due to customer acquisition/engagement/retention

•Predicts the most likely customers to subscribe to a campaign in real time

•Customer segmentation by loyalty score to enhance lifetime value

•Identifies cross selling and up-selling opportunities based on customer profiles

•Improves customer engagement

•Doesn't require hypotheses - always find an answer from the available data