AdMaster Inc.

AdMaster is China’s leading third-party big-data provider and data management platform. The solution helps advertisers in digital marketing to monitor, optimize, and increase overall marketing ROI through technology and big-data insights.


•Integrates vast amounts of data generated by the digital marketing process

•Provides data integration and enhancement, insight, audience management, and satisfies industry business needs

•SAP HANA in-memory calculation greatly improves the calculation efficiencies

•User Journey Analysis – analyzes users’ footprint, including visited URLs and mobile apps

•NLP Semantic Tagging – analyzes unstructured natural language, mapping rules with topic and sentiment, tagging all segments

•Audience Profile Classifier – classifies users by precisely analyzing demographics, interests, and trends


•Comprehensive and detailed third-party data to give an in-depth and accurate understanding of target audience’s website footprint and potential demands

•Integrates with existing systems allowing rapid and convenient data querying, to improve media delivery effectiveness and enable immediate decision-making

•Enables RTB and retargeting to reduce the overall cost of finding target audiences while improving customer conversion rates