The AEGRO platform is focused in agricultural technology, making it easy to access and utilize the best management strategies. The solution enhances farming productivity by improving the production, financial and commercial processes. The solution integrates data from different sources and lets farmers plan and control their crops in real time while maintaining a history of activities, observation and incidences.


•Easily plan and implement every stage from sowing, to fertilizing, spraying and harvesting

•Simplify the decision-making process by leveraging historical information from past seasons and combining them with statistical analysis to increase crop productivity

•Compare productivity per hectare for different varieties of seeds, fertilizers and defensives used, as well as the planned and realized expenses


•Achieve up to 40% productivity gains with input recommendations and on time activities

•Assign and control activities and operations through an integrated communication channel

•Share farming records with specialists and agronomists for better crop insights

•Decrease the time spent in planning, controlling, reporting and analyzing crop data