AnswerRocket empowers the user to rapidly access data within SAP HANA with a real-time Google-like search. The solution answers questions with intuitive user-friendly visualizations any business user can understand, explore, and share. Instantly.


•Enables users to ask their own business questions without a technical analyst

•Leverages the power of SAP HANA to quickly get answers to day-to-day business questions

•Uses the SAP HANA text and predictive analytics to answer highly sophisticated questions

•Returns answers as easy-to-understand data visualizations: charts, graphs, maps, etc

•Makes machine learning accessible via natural language - converts natural language question to HANA SQL Query


•Allows business people to observe, orient, decide, and act faster than the competition

•Enables marketers to more quickly understand and react to customer behavior across multiple channels

•Day-to-day users can apply advanced data techniques by asking natural language questions

•Provides a streamlined solution that works with massive amounts of data distributed in several warehouses (locally or in the cloud)