Apphion Technology Consulting AG

Continued Process Verification (CPV) is an emerging regulatory standard for pharma manufacturers. All are now required to demonstrate their quality procedures for CPV. Currently the reporting process is time consuming and error prone. Apphion’s solution PharmaXpert mCQA standardizes product quality data sources for advanced quality analytics and rapid reporting, resulting into operational savings and efficiency.


  • HANA data processing and analytics capabilities allow global pharmaceutical manufacturers to take advantage of the emerging standards

  • Smart Data Integration™ (SD) delivers real-time data landscape mapping

  • Template-driven information retrieval and correlation

  • Standard reporting packages for statistical and charting functions

  • Customizable interactive templates for data inclusion and exclusion

  • Integrate regulatory guidelines and standards for workflow document and approvals required for regulatory submissions


  • Unlock significant savings by improving operational efficiencies and better management of raw material while reducing instances and number of quality control checkpoints

  • Unify reporting across enterprise and outsourced manufacturing sites

  • Simplify regulatory reporting with automated report generation

  • Create new insights for a higher level of business awareness

  • Create user-friendly online dashboards and periodic reporting in minutes