AppOrchid Inc.

AppOrchid Inc. uses SAP HANA technology to build multi-device cognitive apps quickly across structured and textual data sources spanning the Internet of Things (IOT) to address risk and increase productivity.


•Uses cognitive computing to extract blended intelligence from natural language, structured and semi-structured data sources

•Combines big data and implied linkages to expose otherwise invisible risks and opportunities

•A gamified and storified UX design for frictionless machine learning and user interaction

•Calibrate, disseminate, and aggregate enterprise-wide tribal knowledge and translate it into actionable knowledge


•Aggregate invaluable organizational wisdom by combining data from people, processes and edge devices

•Plan and manage a renewable energy portfolio across the entire grid for dramatically improved resource management

•Identify payment delinquency and credit slippages by combining advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) data in the context of macroeconomic variables

•Predict failure by combining engineers’ perceptional assessment with IoT and performance data resulting in superior risk management

•Better understand consumers and gain actionable insight buy identifying geographic penetration with market perception