A product and services firm focused on big data related to SAP HANA projects that leverage rapid deployment solutions and Approyo’s industry templates.


•Gathers data from third party legacy solutions

•Brings data into SAP HANA; shows it through SAP Business Objects Data Services 4.0

•Provides post-production support to customers with real OEM based RDS implementations, support and solutions

•Up and running in less then 15 minutes, and then build a true business use case

•Builds out knowledge in ruins


•Applications straight on SAP HANA, including transaction processing, using business suite on SAP HANA along with custom apps developed for mobile

•Predictive and further prescriptive analytics of any data to reason out trends

•Procurement of supplies, just-in-time, end-to-end, and preventative maintenance

•Search all social channels for any unstructured source and apply meaningful sense

•Real-time and direct reports, tapped and triggered from any transactional systems