A standalone ERM suite that enables executives to intelligently source, monitor, manage, and consume energy resources, while complying with regulatory carbon footprint standards. The suite includes Energy Management Portal, Energy Benchmarking and Analytics, Process-level Energy Operational Efficiency Management, Dynamic Load Management and Control, Emissions Reporting, as well as Green House Gases Tracking.


•Proprietary state-of-the-art DAS, SCADA and metering systems in conjunction with the SAP HANA in-memory computing to process energy big data

•Dashboards, industry-specific KPIs and predictive analytics enable a rapidly deployable robust energy reporting and forecasting tool while establishing an enterprise energy policy

•For manufacturing customers with a focus on consumption of energy and environmental impact, ensuring customers are consuming energy efficiently


•ROI within the first-year of deployment

•Identifies sources of up to 20% energy savings opportunities by making informed energy purchasing decisions and pricing negotiations

•Proactive asset health check to ensure production is not interrupted while efficiently and reliability increasing their energy consumption data collection

•Measure greenhouse gas while adhering to regulatory and certification compliance

•Eliminates manual logbooks and outdated reporting