Aprisales is a cloud based data warehouse and analytics solution for retail companies of any size. Their solution, Boost Sales, provides analysis of customers, operations, merchandise, inventory and sales forecasts. BI will be a standard tool for every retail company in near future. Aprisales wants to make it world-wide accessible, cheap and simple to use.


•Better insight and understanding of customers behavior and therefore needs

•Quickly and seamlessly keep track of store operations through simplified BI reports

•Easily track the performance of each product/ category, for real-time inventory analysis

•Track trends and patterns for exact sales forecast including matching climate information, periods of the week and year and customer behavior in each geographic location


•Increase store sales by applying business intelligence to daily decisions including driving promotions and personalized offers for uplift

•Create the right product mix and pricing , store by store to improve customer acquisition and retention

•In the near future, the system will help the companies to understand better their clients, their needs, and behavior

•Enables Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) and increases AVP and UPT