APX Labs

APX Labs is the leader in enterprise smart glasses software. Customers include Fortune 500 companies across Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Utilities, Telecom, Retail and Healthcare. They use APX products and wearables to collaborate with their front-line workers while delivering hands-free data and applications.


•APX Labs’ Skylight product integrates with SAP HANA, Sybase ESP, Work Manager and SMP

•Hands-free – designed for users who literally have ‘hands on’ jobs

•Cross devices - runs on all types of smart glasses and connects to other peripherals

•Real-time - includes a multi-user back-end that integrates with SAP HANA

•SAP HANA provides Skylight with IoT data, ERP transactions, predictive tasks and immediate alerts

•Provides SAP HANA with continuous user context, images and video content.

•Skylight is the end-user/wearable experience for the SAP real-time back-end platform


•Immediate access to expert help reduces errors and improves the quality of work

•Real time data feeds and alerts create a safer workplace

•Always up to date tasks, checklists and instructions dramatically improve productivity