Ascentra Consulting

Ascentra Consulting provides supply chain, asset management and customer centric solutions across industries, by leveraging their predictive analytics expertise. Customer segmentation, churn, market basket analysis, and forecasting are its forte. The solution, ‘Second Opinion’ provides second opinion on the current baseline forecasts and provides insights into improvement opportunities using state of art forecasting algorithms and some breakthrough methods.


•A superior best-fit method aka build-best method, applied by integrating SAP InfiniteInsight, SAP HANA PAL, and R algorithms

•Highly efficient selection process and best build process are done inside the memory utilizing stored procedures

•Graphic and compelling results visualized with tools like Lumira

•Automatic, intuitive, and accurate retraining and fine-tuning of the model by incorporating multiple demand drivers


•Improved service level

•Improved stock turns – reduce stocks and improved sales

•Accurate forecasting of cash flow, asset breakdown and asset maintenance cost

•Reduction of cost and working capital

•Improved efficiency