The Waste Management Analytical suite by BIGDAL, allows for precision recycling control, compliance with government rates and limits, and monitoring and management of manufacturing costs. The big data apps deliver real-time predictive analytics to save costs and anticipate future events for better decision-making. Additionally, the solutions drive company teams to achieve their goals, saving costs and protecting the environment.


•Analytic app built on SAP HANA and integrated to any source systems in real time

•Waste Management Insights© delivers alerts to control waste treatment all around the world at any data detail

•Predictive algorithms anticipate the generation, treatment and cost of waste materials according to rules and regulatory goals

•Complete autonomy to customize and find data

•Real-time, precise and agile reporting


•Increases cost-savings with real-time waste management verification and correction

•Spend less on buying goods and materials

•Comply with waste regulations

•Calculation of future quantity and cost production

•Engaging and inspiring UI that drives adoption of the business process, anywhere, anytime