BoodsKapper is an artificial intelligence application that’s tightly integrated with the customer service functions for Telecom and other Service related businesses where the application is able to interpret and understand natural language at near human levels opening up the opportunity to provide excellent customer service. The users in the telecom industry are able to address their customer service issues such as billing questions, data or minutes remaining in the current billing cycle & get optimized plans which fits their needs. Customers are also be able to purchase new services without leaving their chat application providing thereby a seamless experience. Customers, in Telecom industry use the app as a digital concierge for those interested in MyMix.


•The solution allows customer service to control the tone of the conversation, ensure policy compliance, leverage SAP workflows and seamlessly switch conversation to an agent when appropriate

•Integration to the CRM application is established securely through SAP HANA Cloud Integration(HCI)

•Services are delivered through Facebook messenger to external users and through a dedicated Fiori app to internal users.

•Uses SAP HANA text analysis to carry on a business conversation at a near human level

•‘Deep Reporting’ that allows the organization to understand the tone and content of past and current customer service interactions.


•Reduces customer support costs up to 75%

•Helps to engage with consumers in personal ways that were historically cost prohibitive

•Allows for rapid and accurate reporting and responses

•Improves customer service and retention