Building Radar GmbH

We supply verified, real-time information on construction projects worldwide, so that your sales team can focus on sales rather than lead generation and qualification efforts. The solution helps to stay informed about all construction projects in your neighborhood and across the globe in different geographies, to track your competitors’ next moves, and to evaluate new strategic partnerships using one smart platform(Buiding Radar).


•Helps to browse millions of construction projects using one single platform

•Run real-time analytics on markets, firms and projects

•Verify and track project specifics like status, size etc through near-live satellite images


•Detect new construction projects months earlier. The search algorithm operates globally in real-time, 24 hours a day (vs. through research where one stumbles across the information).

•Provides reliable data, because online information is verified through live satellite images. If a construction projects does not develop as planned, the solution immediately identifies that.

•Provides real-time big data analytics on a building's neighbourhood (e.g. demography, presence of solar panels), relationship between involved parties, which companies fit strategically, and where (regions or verticals) is the competition is most active.