Choice Technologies Holding

Fraud and energy theft are major challenges and ongoing threats for utility companies. The Revenue Intelligence© from Choice delivers an SAP HANA based solution that delivers real-time analytical capacity with high performance data storage. The solution allows users to manage and reduce fraud and threat by detecting those activates, and then evaluating financial repercussions and selecting the best action to mitigate losses.


•Visualize data and business patterns to easily convey and share loss detection insights

•Drill down into customer clusters to investigate automatic patterns and then pinpoint to risk probability

•Automatically analyzes potential energy returns by evaluating fraud probability combined with suggestions for optimal field inspections including cost benefit analysis

•Generate dynamic reports with multi-dimensional technology that provides action-oriented feedback


•Faster query execution and performance

•Improve revenue recovery process chain

•Improve data processing and analytics

•Optimizes field inspections to reduce fraud probability and increase energy return

•Share knowledge for fraud detection pattern