The world’s first complete end-to-end, fully integrated big data, Smart Grid solution designed to meet the needs of energy utilities and retailers with a rich suite of functions.


•Delivers visibility and control from consumer appliances located at the grid edge through to the utility head-end system

•A communications gateway connected to SAP HANA that allows for unrestricted two-way interaction with energy systems and any circuit or appliance located in the premises

•Unmatched scalability to meet the needs of the largest operator

•Provides a much deeper analysis of consumption and optimization strategies

•SAP HANA enables the processing of vast amounts of data in a time scale that empowers utilities to harness information and use it to deliver on the promise of the Smart Grid

•Unrestricted and unmatched level of detail and granularity of information and control that can be processed in near real-time


•As standards change the system will be able to adjust to fully comply, protecting investments and reducing system risks

•Improves pro-active ability to meet operational challenges and providing a reliable service

•Existing infrastructure can interface with existing meters

•Offers strategies to monetize data and create new revenue streams

•Improves margin, reduces churn, and builds brand loyalty

•Helps customers improve efficiencies and achieve energy savings and emission targets

•Features high level security and integrity of data

•Deployment costs lower than other smart grid solutions