Compegence creates and ‘information advantage’ for its customers, with ‘real-time decision intelligence’ products and solutions. It follows the unique business acumen plus process plus data plus domain plus technology approach. It also offers advisory and architecture services. Their solution, ForeWarn, is a real-time big data TAP (trend, anomaly, and pattern) detection engine for telecommunications.


•Rich usability features such as ‘one click analyst action’ and ‘contextual drilldown’ to determine call/traffic anomalies and patterns, fraud/revenue risk, usage/threshold anomalies, unknown new, and unusual suspect activity as well as service level monitoring

•Manage business risks and opportunities in real time

•Real-time call detail record derivation from the switch protocol data

•Real-time analysis, analytics, alerting, and interactive dashboards


•TAP engine accelerates the ‘decision velocity’ to real-time

•Changes reactive postmortem analysis to proactive and preventive decisions to potentially save millions of dollars of lost revenue by fraud and risk

•Reduces time spent in detecting potential risk and fraud by up to 80%, allowing analysts to pursue other preventive actions and proactive measures

Efficiencies, speed, and optimization allow for huge simplification and value proposition