Consetto analyses customer messages and communications across a wide range of direct and indirect sources including email and social channels. The process extracts topics, products and sentiments so the user can rapidly address customer needs, expectations, problems and trends like never before.


•Process big data volumes faster with SAP HANA in combination with the latest language technology and machine learning algorithms

•Automatically identify customer conversations and messages focused on products, sentiments and topics

•Analyze unstructured data with the power of business intelligence and drill through to single comments

•Integrate of product master data and hierarchies


•Observe actual topics and identify trending topic and customer needs early

•Uncover new insights on products and topics, aggregated and detail at the product level

•Reduce costs and improve marketing campaigns across all channels

•Improve customer satisfaction by responding to customers faster by using given answers to similar questions

•Eliminate workflow redundancies and automate business process for a rapid ROI