Dedicated to APJ customers, Datalynx has developed FIOS to support supply chain management, IT infrastructure management, FDA compliance management, and cloud computing solutions. Datalynx Singapore is subsidiary of the Swiss based Datalynx AG.


•A simple and user friendly supply chain analytics platform that tracks SCM functions across the enterprise including sales, purchasing, production, distribution, and finance

•A unified picture of the entire supply chain data, capturing a holistic picture of the real time state of a company’s business performance in relation to its supply chain

•SCM analytics suite incorporates dashboards, KPIs, metrics, reports, and business activity monitoring with a user-friendly GUI and express implementation techniques


•The power to use a simple and user-friendly supply chain analytics platform to make complex and mission critical decisions

•Impact both the top-line and bottom-line performance of the company

•Inventory optimization allows companies to save 15-20% of inventory costs

•Big corporations can gain more than 500% ROI for every dollar saved in the supply chain

•Improve forecast accuracy by more than 10% using predictive algorithms calibrated to industry specific parameters