eLogicDecision has 20 years of products and services expertise focused on energy trading software that includes contract and portfolio management, as well as settlement and risk. Their newest solution, $SentimentTrader, is and end-to-end currency trading platform that leverages SAP HANA as the in-memory database and analytics.


•A single currency trading and analytics platform that includes an FX dictionary created in SAP HANA

•Fundamental, technical, sentimental, and predictive analytics for superior trades

•Enhanced trading strategies with ease of use and traceability

•Can used by diversified traders including retail, hedge funds, market makers, etc.


•Real-time data and analytics combined with speed and accuracy deliver actionable insights

•Improve outcomes with real-time FX currency trading semantics and price-action prediction analytics

•Advanced insight and knowledge improves profit probability

•Contributes to a well-informed trade decision especially when a financial event is occurring anywhere around the world

•Allows the trader to execute more trades and service more investors