enersis suisse AG

enersis has developed grids for the smart-grid and sustainability management. The 15 grids applications combine all internal and external energy-relevant big data to provide more transparency with the goal of energy transformation. All data is geo-visualized and follows a ‘one-screen-to-the-user’ principle with intuitive GUI.


•Historic and real-time data analysis, simulation and forecasting with predictive analytics

•gridsSmartUtilities: asset management, trafo info system/load profiles, decentralized feeder analysis, outage management, demand side management, and smarter meter roll-out

•gridsSmartCity: portal to display building efficacy, street lighting, solar cataster, renewable installation maps and impact analysis, heat management, and energy-mix dashboards

•gridsSmartCompany: links energy data to industry 4.0, for superior demand side management


•Provides transparency to support strategic decision making for energy transformation

•Reduces asset management capEx by processing complex multi-source data models

•Generates additional revenues through big data based energy services for customers

•Links industry 4.0 with energy data management for process and cost optimization

•Smart City transparency in energy-efficiency activities – getting citizen buy-in and monitoring e.g. CO2 reduction target accomplishment