Huru Systems

Huru Systems uses next generation processes to track physical assets from birth in factories to field and ultimately to retirement. Real time inventory management through the use of chain-of-custody methodology builds a wealth of cloud based data from photos, time and GPS stamps, and proprietary authentication protocols. An enterprise can optimize material management while at the same time reduce theft and improve field personnel efficiencies. The asset tracking platform allows for the validation of tens of millions of assets installed in the field and search for lost or stolen assets through out the system.


•Creates process for assets to migrate throughout an enterprise in a secure tamper-evident form.

•Storage of key data from each step of migration for security and analytical purposes.

•Timely, detailed information allows utility to stamp out fraud and buttress security as warranted.

•Data analytics creates optimized management reports for field activity which reduces operating costs significantly.


•Reduction in estimated 30% loss of revenue due to non-technical losses in electric utility sector

•Billions of dollars of lost revenue recaptured

•Reduction in millions of dollars in lost/ stolen assets

•25% improvement in field personnel efficiency as measured by service visits

•12% reduction in missed service calls

•50% reduction in cable and connector usage by linemen

•30% improvement in detection of anomalies in electric grid