A standalone ERM suite that enables executives to intelligently source, monitor, manage, and consume energy resources, while complying with regulatory carbon footprint standards. The suite includes Energy Management Portal, Energy Benchmarking and Analytics, Process-level Energy Operational Efficiency Management, Dynamic Load Management and Control, Emissions Reporting, as well as Green House Gases Tracking.


Apptimyze ingests advertising performance data from search and RTB platforms like Google AdWords and AppNexus, then crunches it and generates precise ad targeting strategies.


Aprisales is a cloud based data warehouse and analytics solution for retail companies of any size. Their solution, Boost Sales, provides analysis of customers, operations, merchandise, inventory and sales forecasts. BI will be a standard tool for every retail company in near future. Aprisales wants to make it world-wide accessible, cheap and simple to use.

APX Labs

APX Labs is the leader in enterprise smart glasses software. Customers include Fortune 500 companies across Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Utilities, Telecom, Retail and Healthcare. They use APX products and wearables to collaborate with their front-line workers while delivering hands-free data and applications.

Ascentra Consulting

Ascentra Consulting provides supply chain, asset management and customer centric solutions across industries, by leveraging their predictive analytics expertise. Customer segmentation, churn, market basket analysis, and forecasting are its forte. The solution, ‘Second Opinion’ provides second opinion on the current baseline forecasts and provides insights into improvement opportunities using state of art forecasting algorithms and some breakthrough methods.

Bankhawk Analytics

Bankhawk Analytics provides companies with compelling new insights using banking data which they use to be more competitive and profitable.

Basis Technologies

World-class cutting edge complementary SAP software applications that optimize existing IT systems in the fields of change and release management, as well as ABAP processing optimization and improved customer insight.


The Bay31 security and compliance solutions use in-memory data-mining to extract valuable intelligence from identity and access data in SAP and cross-platform environments.

Bayshore Networks

Bayshore Networks’ award-winning, patented Bayshore IT/OT Gateway™ deploys as a cloud-based platform, providing Fortune 1000 industrial enterprises with unprecedented visibility into their networks. It enables secure IoT and OT data and transactions in manufacturing and energy operations, robotics automation, and M2M communications.

BellaDati Pte Ltd

Delivering enterprise agile data analytics tools into the hands of true business users. Empowers business users to turn virtually any size and type of data into the profits.