Flutura Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd – Asset 360

Flutura ‘Asset 360’ is a world-class predictive maintenance and asset optimisation solution that integrates seamlessly with existing maintenance systems and device sensors to provide an intelligent ‘sensory’ layer that predicts asset failure based on use rather than age.

Flutura Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd – Safety 360

The Oil & Gas industry is plagued by safety risks despite the immense regulatory thrust and mechanisms in place. Safety is a very complex area primarily due to human behavior and asset integrity. The Flutura Cerebra Safety 360 solution is the key to getting companies to ‘zero unsafe behaviors and conditions’.

Forefront Analytics – Production Planning Optimiser

The Forefront SAP HANA solution combines factory and manufacturing process logic controllers with data science, in real-time, to monitor, detect, predict and alert users so they can avoid unplanned equipment failures that result in unplanned downtime.

GFT – Global Financial Technology

Global Financial Technology Co, Ltd. (GFT) is a leading supplier of intelligent financial information services in China. GFT seeks to provide transparency and clarity in China’s financial markets.

InTenMin aka Cosmic Creation Aust

Intenmin is a powerful financial analytics application. It combines in-depth stock market analysis and real-time social media analysis to predict stock movements for the next 10 minutes. High speed analytics run on billions of records of stock data and live twitter and Facebook data to provide timely and actionable insights.


KnowledgeFlux quantitatively enhances collective intelligence by managing and measuring strategic knowledge and knowledge workers, and establishing a retainable, human-driven knowledge framework that grows and adapts with organizational changes.

Kopi Inc. limited

KOPI Inc. Limited offers computer and consumer electronics users seamless integrations for their homes, offices, and on the go. Now with the introduction of iBeacon and kBeacon, retailers can commercialize the value of this technology. With iBeacon and kBeacon, retailers can reach out to their on-site customers in real-time, for quantifiable results.


Spot Analytics provides the ability for organizations to cascade the strategic goals to the operational layer. While executing transactions, users can check the impact on strategic goals to help measure progress toward the end objectives including the company’s strategic goals and mitigating competition.


Develops template applications (tApps) to provide out-of-the-box solutions that help solve specific business problems for enterprise customers and their marketing challenges. The MimoLex tApp helps marketers write engaging content, listen to customers across multiple channels, and get insights into customers and their needs, satisfaction, and responsiveness.

Mobilistic Innovative Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

MIBS has developed LogipleX, a supply chain intelligence solution that allows customers to remain ahead in competition by providing the right product, at the right time, at the right place, and at the right cost.