ConWeaver GmbH

Conweaver makes the most out heterogeneous enterprise data by delivering a fast and flexible automatic dynamic data linking solution that replaces large resource consuming software integration projects.


Cupenya is founded on the belief that powerful analytics can be optimally applied only when they are put in hand of those members of an organization who are aware of the business context behind the numbers.

Detect Value

Sufindu is ebay-like for services. The SAP HANA solution is where customers can find the right personnel and service providers with required skills and skill levels at the right time for the right price without creating a request, cost center assignment and other information.

ekr srl

The EKR Showroomforce is a complete environment to manage the showroom sale process, starting with the line-list provided by the creative office all the way through inventory management, target marketing and customer service.

enersis suisse AG

enersis has developed grids for the smart-grid and sustainability management. The 15 grids applications combine all internal and external energy-relevant big data to provide more transparency with the goal of energy transformation. All data is geo-visualized and follows a ‘one-screen-to-the-user’ principle with intuitive GUI.

Espedia Srl

Espedia Consulting, an SAP Gold Partner, started with SAP ERP, then specialized in CAD ​​integration, and has grown to include Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). Today they’ve integrated all business processes for new product design along the entire value chain. With that in mind, the SAP HANA-based platform, PDP4Fashion, was created to speed up and control the new product development process for fashion and retailers.


Through software and data services, eXelate, empowers marketers with centralized data management, better consumer insights, more accurate ad targeting across all devices and platforms to more effectively engage omni-channel consumers at scale.

FIT Solutions

FIT Solutions is an SAP services provider, delivering customer and industry-focused business solutions. FIT combines cutting-edge SAP technology with business strategy to help clients achieve a sustained competitive advantage. FIT Solutions produced a device and developed a platform for retail and manufacturing sectors to improve their business.


FlashBrand is a personal and pervasive mobile app that empowers employees to manage and improve their personal brand and professional development by allowing them to receive, provide or request detailed real-time feedback including ranking skills as well as identifying and analyzing strengths and weaknesses.

Full Control

Full Control, a sports technology company, has developed a real-time Platform-as-a-Service solution for any kind of sports applications. The PaaS solution allows the user to quickly build powerful, effective and affordable mobile, web and desktop sports apps.