Sablono’s software is designed specifically for project controllers, managers, owners, and construction companies. The mobile app solution allows the user to easily track progress across areas of multiple construction sites. The user can control the development of a project by recording the progress of all individual activities that are being executed on site.


•Plan, schedule, and control complex construction projects based on 3D building models

•Monitor and analyze complex projects, end-to-end

•Use mobile devices to collect real-time data related to project progress

•Continually update and adapt schedules and forecasts based on current as well as previous projects

•Enhanced collaboration and communication among project participants


•Cost effective and more efficient planning and scheduling based on 3D building models

•Reliable time estimations, forecasts, and notifications

•Cost savings by eliminating inefficient non-digital workflows and media disruptions

•Improved workflows and processes based on previous projects

•Automated and convenient project reporting

•Enhanced reliability and trust by using a transparent collaborative solution

•Real-time tracking, controlling and forecasts