Success at NRF!

Startup Focus attended the National Retail Federation’s annual “Big Show” in New York. NRF’s Big Show had over 33,000 attendees representing nearly 3,300 retailers and SAP’s presence was very well received as one of the largest exhibitors and sponsors of the event.

Our 8 featured startups that attended and showcased at our booth were: Blippar, Point Inside, Boodskapper, 42, Sizegrid, QLX, OpsVeda, and ShopUp. Both SizeGrid and ShopUp were new to the NRF event and traveled from the EMEA and MEE region to showcase their apps.  The participation from both Point inside and 42 had 4 attendees each.

We had fantastic support from the Retail team with Stephen Sparrow, Matt Laukaitis, Craig Schertler, Tom Savoie and the retail event team. The retail sales field was engaging as well. One clear message from Matt and Craig is that in 2017 they are looking to drive revenue with our partners. We saw a much higher level of engagement since the Miami Retail forum last year.

Blippar was prominently featured in the main SAP booth with the help of Tom Savoie and the booth as full of traffic. A follow up meeting with Matt Laukaitis on Wednesday gained sponsorship for POC’s with customers and further engagement with the Retail field. This is a great move forward with the Retail field.

Point Inside who was recently validated and NRF was their first event with SAP, had multiple customer meetings including scheduled meetings with the AE’s for Publix and Macy’s from us. Since there was great traction with our field and Retail executives. Matt Laukitis will now work with me on driving Point Inside further with the field post NRF.  In addition,42 had multiple customer meetings and introductions to AE’s including the AE on Ralph Lauren that is a key target for them.

On Sunday we attended the SAP Women Forward and Intel Event with Boodskapper and Point Inside getting to network with SAP customers and Retail team. We also attended the NRF Big Show Monday reception at TAO Uptown with most of our partners able to network with SAP team and customers with 400 attendees.

We plan to showcase again at next year’s NRF event located on “Partner Row”!