The Benefits of SAP ICC Certification

Startups have built and validated great apps within the startup focus program that have lots of potential. Are you aware that you can earn the highly coveted “Powered by SAP HANA” certification logo for your solution through one simple additional step –certification through the SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC)?

Read this Success Story from one member of the SAP Startup Focus program ‘Warwick Analytical Software Ltd’ about their experience on certification with SAP ICC.

This certification is free for startups, and we encourage you to contact, if you have not yet done so. SAP partners have participated in certifications since 1996, and SAP customers are well aware of benefits. We cordially invite our startups to join as well.

Helping manufacturers anticipate and avoid quality problems 

To mitigate the issues associated with poor quality, companies in high-value manufacturing industry segments – such as semiconductor, aerospace, automotive, and pharmaceutical – must locate the root causes of faults and inefficiencies and take corrective action before problems occur. Anticipating and preventing quality problems in manufacturing processes requires rapid analysis of huge volumes of data. “Experts estimate that the cost of poor quality consumes from 15% to 30% of the average manufacturer’s corporate revenues,” explains Dan Somers, CEO of Warwick Analytical Software Ltd. “Warranty failures and faults alone cost manufacturers US$72 billion per year.” The company, which is known as Warwick Analytics, developed an early-warning and prevention (EWAP) solution for manufacturing and maintenance processes that helps its customers address these issues and reduce costs. The solution is part of its SigmaGuardian portfolio of solutions, which analyzes huge volumes of data collected from multiple sources, helping companies highlight faults, identify solutions, and determine lowest-cost fixes. To be sure that the solution delivers insight rapidly, Warwick Analytics needed to run the software on a high-performance technology platform. “A key feature of our software is that it works in real time,” says Somers. “We needed technology that was powerful enough to produce results within seconds and deliver them directly to the end user.”

Gaining integration certification from SAP

After formally becoming a member of the SAP® Startup Focus program, Warwick Analytics took the next step and sought SAP certification for the SigmaGuardian solution. Working with dedicated personnel from an SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) location, the company answered questions and demonstrated its integration technologies.

SAP ICC validated that the SigmaGuardian solution is 100% compatible with SAP HANA. As part of the SAP Startup Focus program, the company completed the certification process in just 10 weeks.

“The certification process was rigorous but also professional, clear, and helpful,” says Jason Noble, CTO of Warwick Analytics. “The SAP team was sympathetic to our business goals as well as to the technical requirements. The process helped us create an even more robust software offering.” Now that the software is certified by SAP ICC, customers are beginning to take notice. “The certification reassures SAP customers that our technology will integrate smoothly with their existing IT infrastructure,” says Noble. “It gives companies confidence that Warwick Analytics has already gone through a stringent validation process with a trusted company
like SAP.” The exposure gained by having the SigmaGuardian software listed on SAP Store is also valuable. “Potential clients from different geographies or industries can now familiarize themselves with our products and expertise,” says Noble. “And they have the added assurance that our solution is certified by SAP.”

Realizing New Growth Opportunities

Its relationship with SAP has helped Warwick Analytics realize numerous business benefits. To begin with, the certification of the SigmaGuardian solution is building customer trust in the company’s offerings. “SAP is one of the most recognized and trusted enterprise software brands in the world,” says Somers. “Adding this credibility to our software gives new and existing customers confidence that they are dealing with a proven, professional solution.” The SAP Startup Focus program also creates new opportunities to serve a growing clientele. “Going through the certification process with SAP has enabled us to develop and validate a solution that is both innovative and robust,” he says. “By building on the technical excellence of SAP HANA, we can analyze data in real time and provide dynamic insight across entire supply chains for our customers.” Working with SAP, Warwick Analytics envisions a bright future.

“Going forward, this relationship enables us to grow and evolve our products business
without limitation,” says Somers.