Tips on how to win the 2017 HANA Innovation Award

1.Submit a Compelling Story

2.Make sure the entry is complete.

3.Include the required Pitch Deck

Submit a Compelling Story

You are a company at the Cutting Edge of Technology and you are Innovating to Win in the Digital Economy. You are transforming your processes, creating compelling solutions for other companies to use, impacting the lives of people around you, enabling new ways of doing business…

NOW TELL us YOUR STORY to get recognized, win the HANA Innovation Award (HIA) and claim your pass for SAPPHIRE Now. ……….But how?

Make sure your entry is complete

The best way is to complete all the requirements of entry submission. This year all entries must complete the template on the HIA website and the Pitch Deck to be considered for an award. The template and the pitch deck guide you to tell your story completely and in a compelling way, so the judges can accurately assess the merits and contributions of your solution and have all the information they need to compare you fairly with the other entries.

Include the required Pitch Deck

Please remember it is imperative to include in your submission:
Your full contact information, describe the solution and what it does, include the results you have obtained, and a quote from a stakeholder to validate your claim. Elaborate on the business problem you are solving and the value it is delivering in terms of impact to people, processes or business models it is enabling. And, don’t forget to include the technological impact of the solution and what technologies it is using. To make your submission stand out amongst others, you can include screen shots, architectural diagrams and other compelling information that you feel will help the judges see you as a Winner.

Don’t risk getting disqualified      If the entry is incomplete, and did not include all the information requested in the HIA template and the Pitch Deck it will not be accepted.

Don’t Wait. Go ON…Submit your Most Awesome Winning Entry to potentially take home the Prize……

Access HIA website and the Pitch Deck

You can join the conversation on social media at #InnovationStory.

Blog written by Rani Goel