Unlocking the Benefits of the SAP HANA program

Written by Adie Fridman, SAP Startup Focus

Through SAP’s Startup Focus program, startups immediately open themselves up to a wide range of benefits to aid them through their development process. We offer development funding in addition to technical support and access to our development community network. We are here to provide your startup with any assistance you may require.

Startups who have attended a forum-either virtual or online- instantly qualify for benefits through the SAP Startup Focus program. Through the $100 AWS Credit we offer startups, they are able to leverage their free access to SAP HANA by unlocking a $100 Amazon Web Services credit to cover the costs of this service. The general premise of the programmatic cost coverage is to ensure that startups don’t have to pay for SAP HANA until they are established enough to cover these costs on their own. Along these lines, startups can access graduated AWS tiers that come in $1000, $5,000, and $15,000 credits as they progress through the program.

Beyond the significant benefit of AWS hosting and the credits the program provides, startups can begin driving their technology integration with SAP HANA by joining the almost 1,000 member online developer community, allowing them to interact online and seek any needed support.

Aside from merely being allowed access to the developer community, many other resources are readily available in our development accelerator to help startups learn how to use the HANA platform effectively and efficiently. Based on the way developers prefer to learn, the program offers several different tracks assisting them through the learning process. If you as a developer prefer to learn HANA with an instructor, self-paced, or on-the-job, these are all options available to you. In addition, if you want to get going and learn HANA at an accelerated pace, the program offers Accelerated Development Track Training which will prepare you in two weeks to develop and build solutions on SAP HANA.

The following are training programs we offer to learn how to code using the SAP HANA platform:

HANA Developer Training on OpenSAP

SAP HANA Academy

The HANA Developer Community on SCN

SAP HANA Protoyping Workshop

In addition, if you run into challenges or obstacles as a startup who has recently joined the program, you can easily ask questions and learn from more experienced developers in the community who may have faced the same challenges. We have a page dedicated to developers asking each other questions in an open network format, making it simple to collaborate.

If you get stuck, the program also offers SAP Startup Fast Start webinars that occur bi-weekly exclusively on topics of critical interest to HANA developers. For example, in the past there have been seminars hosted by HANA experts on SAP HANA for startups in the cloud, explaining options, setup and best practices.

The program’s developer accelerator operates to a simple mantra: Learn, Code, and Collaborate. We are here to provide funds and any support needed through our technical experts and developer community. Your startup’s success is also a success for our program, therefore we look forward to your startup’s growth and achievement in the future.