Why ICC? The benefits of SAP’s Certification Process

Startup Focus member Warwick Analytics has experienced significant success since it was founded in 2012. Some of this success has come from completing ICC certification, which helped the startup to achieve a more robust software offering with SAP HANA, signalling to customers that their technology is 100% compatible with their existing systems.

By completing this step, customers from around the world now have access to not only a cutting edge startup technology like that offered by Warwick Analytics, but also one that is certified by a trusted enterprise software vendor like SAP.

Somers, CEO and founder of Warwick Analytics says that the validation process and the Startup Focus program in general “enables us to grow and evolve our products business without limitation”. tweet

Find the complete Warwick ICC Success story here.

For other startups in the validation stage of the program, ICC Certification can be a key differentiator. 

ICC Certification signals to customers that their solution is compatible with existing SAP technology stacks and reliable. Certification serves as the proof point for technical alignment with SAP’s existing solutions.

Other benefits include:

  • Faster sales cycles
  • Marketing benefits, related to branding
  • Increased visibility during industry events
  • SAP Online listing

Review a complete list of benefits here.

Why ICC? 

The aim of the certification is to showcase an ecosystem of solutions that are available to be integrated as much as possible out-of-the-box. SAP tests the interface software or connector built by partners for correct implementation of SAP-endorsed technologies and stability in an SAP environment depending on the type of certification (apps deployed on SAP technology, such as SAP Mobile Platform, SAP HANA, SAP HANA Cloud Platform etc).

The ICC certification process: preparation, duration, and cost 

The actual time required to complete certification is one day, taking into consideration necessary preparation is fulfilled:

  • One week for feasibility study by SAP after formal registration.
  • One week for contract processing by SAP.
  • One week for contract signature by ISV or partner.
  • Two weeks for payment transfers for certification fees.
  • Three weeks for test preparations including kick-off meeting with ICC consultant, guidance on test criteria and best practices, test system set-up and final   testing.
  • One week for final sign-off on test results and publication, as well as sending out the logo by SAP.

The fees required for certification are associated with the technology used. See a listing of technology and associated costs here.

All startups in the validation phase are encouraged to consider ICC certification. For more information about ICC here.