Enterprise Augmented Reality In Review

March 22– SAP Campus, Palo Alto: SAP Startup Focus welcomed augmented reality startups, thought leaders, executives, and enthusiasts to SAP Startup’s Innovation Showcase: Augmented Reality for the Enterpriseto share thoughts and progresses in the technology trend’s newest applications. Through the evening, featured startups and speakers shared solution demos highlighting how far augmented reality has come and how much further it has to go in the enterprise. Recognizing the importance of augmented reality to its own enterprise customers, SAP has already made significant strides in its own solutions (SK Solutions and SNAP) with two smart glasses projects already produced. During the Startup Focus Enterprise Augmented Reality event, we turned to AR startups to highlight some of the newest innovations and illustrate the implementations happening in the broader augmented reality ecosystem.

Keynote Speaker Sam Alkharrat of SAP, State of Enterprise AR Speaker Mark Bunger of Lux Research, and four augmented reality startups each presented their respective company’s developments and outlooks on applications of the technology. An executive panel featuring Goran Kukic as Nestlé’s Head of Digital Services Innovation and Pradeep Amladi, Ward Bullard, and Damien Murphy as SAP’s VP of Manufacturing and Energy, VP of Product Management, and Senior Developer of Cloud CRM provided executive feedback to presenting startups.

In order to propel next-gen enterprise solutions, technologists must ensure simplicity and interoperability in each augmented reality solution, thereby ensuring a means to build sustainable interfaces with functions like the Internet of Things. Bunger highlighted that the IoT is “bodiless” and in need of a shape and form – AR, VR, and voice are frontline contenders for giving the IoT an interface to profoundly bridge physical things to digital things. NGRAIN, Blippar, Atheer, and Zugara showcased their AR concepts and their applications to the enterprise, with each offering a peek inside the kinds of experiences and visualizations geared towards the IoT.

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The AR Showcase

Barry Po, Senior Director of Product and Business Development at NGRAIN, took the stage first to showcase AR solutions for employees at every level, providing them with access and ability to become elite performers. NGRAIN is exploring AR applications in manufacturing with Boeing, to empower enterprise users’ information access to facilitate automated inspection capabilities.

Blippar’s mission to be the leading visual browser for the world was presented by Lisa Hu, Senior VP. Blippar helps enterprise uses see and learn more about the things around them by “turning on” physical things for the digital world. The application’s inherent deep learning abilities can boost scalability of enterprises’ existing emerging tech.

Alberto Torres, CEO of Atheer, presented the AiR platform with a live demo of its namesake smartglasses. Atheer’s AiR platform aims to empower enterprise productivity for 110M deskless professionals in many industries including healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing, and construction. At its core, Atheer’s core AR applications fuel enterprises and users to Fix, Assemble, Survey, and Treat.

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Wrapping up the showcase was Director/CEO Matthew Szymczyk, presenting Zugara’s AR innovations for retail enterprises. Zugara amplifies the consumer and seller experience by helping people in both spectrums engage in deeper interaction with each other. For omnichannel retail, this includes letting the consumer “see and feel” an item before purchase. On the seller side, Zugara sees the future of retail AR resting on immersive display/mobile integration and advanced biometrics to anticipate consumer behaviors.

Thank you to our speakers, Sam Alkharrat and Mark Bunger, for leading the room in exploring AR’s potential, in addition to its enterprise aspirations and challenges to SAP and Lux Research. And thank you to our executive panel – Pradeep Amladi, Ward Bullard, Goran Kukic, and Damien Murphy – as they enabled more insights and discussion into the presented startups.

All of our featured startups certainly wowed the crowd as demos and discussions continued after the showcase. Thanks to NGRAIN, Blippar, Atheer, and Zugara for sharing groundbreaking, cutting-edge augmented reality; SAP and Startup Focus can’t wait to see what AR conquers next as startups work to build the mainstay interface for the IoT.