Brabov Customer Success in the Hills of Brazil

Written by Alvaro Raminelli, CEO of Brabov.

Brabov is a startup making the most of SAP HANA technology to radically simplify livestock management for cattle ranches like Fazenda Alvorada in southern Brazil.

The inception of Brabov began with a simple request from 78 years old Mr. Castilhos, who needed digital access to his livestock data. Alvorada’s cattle information was stored in paper notes, handwritten spreadsheets and notebooks. Mr. Castilhos is not tech savvy and never felt comfortable with computer’s complex interfaces. He however finds modern touchscreen mobile devices easier to operate. The idea was to build an app for mobile devices capable of storing all the analog cattle producing data.

There was only one fundamental pre-requisite: ultimate simplicity.

Like Mr. Castilhos many other livestock producers are distant from technology spread environments. These old-school business men will not adopt software with high learning curves and will not invest without immediate and clear financial return. Brabov worked from within these farms to build in partnership with academic livestock scholars a user interface relentlessly redesigned until the hardest of the users could make sense of it. We’ve successfully built SIMPLE.

Alvorada raises cattle by naturally mating animals. The farm must monitor the fertility rate of cows to discard less efficient animals improving productivity. The cattle are also monitored for weight gain as they will be sold when the target sale weight is reached. Producers employ weight gain prediction techniques to quantify growth. By discarding low performing animals it is possible to increase animal rotation and consequently meat production. Whenever such methods were applied the genetic quality of the cattle and the rate of mating success improved. These methods frequently reach an accuracy rate not higher than 60%. Brabov developed a weigh prediction algorithm that powered by SAP HANA managed to analyze enormous sets of animals predicting weight gain with over 97% accuracy in a matter of seconds.

Mr. Castilhos can now predict in considerable advance when his livestock will reach target sale weight, what animals must be replaced to not decrease productivity and when a sale will take place at the tip of his fingers.

In his own words: it is so smart it looks like witchcraft. tweet

Four months after Brabov’s public launch 2278 producers downloaded the app, Brabov was invited to Campus Party, Collision conference and was featured in the leading Brazilian livestock magazine. SAP HANA allowed Brabov to build not only simple but also create something with incredible value for agriculture in Brazil.