Catch up on what happened at Mobile World Congress 2018

Following Clive Owen’s Turn Thinking Into Doing ad campaign for SAP, where it is recognized that it is time to turn insight into action, make better decisions, and transform businesses, that is exactly what our SAP startups did at the Mobile World Congress 2018. Six truly innovative startups showcased how they leverage SAP’s cutting-edge technology SAP HANA, SAP Cloud and SAP Leonardo components to improve business operations.

In case you missed us at the #MWC18, see here how each of the six startups are transforming and disrupting businesses:

OtoSense have coined the term computer hearing having developed a machine-learning software which can be trained to identify specific noises that machines and engines make, for automated diagnosis and predictive maintenance purposes.

JacQ provides next-generation mobile shopping experience: using a mobile app that runs on the SAP Cloud Platform and Apple’s 3D TrueDepth camera, customers can measure their feet size and receive recommendations of the correct shoe size, solving thus the problem whereby shoe brands experience a 70% returns of ordered shoes.

Indigo Connected Retail is a solution that excites both retailers and shoppers. On the buyers side, Indigo helps providing an innovative shopper experience by creating responsive points of sales that allow engaging with the products in an interactive way, whereas on the retailers side their solution enables to gather customer insights so as to provide advanced in-store marketing analytics. are fully transforming the future of work: they offer an intelligent platform for meeting management content, that handles the entire lifecycle by capturing all possible information seamlessly and intelligently, and then transforming it into manageable and retrievable enterprise knowledge assets

IPGallery is the name that comes to mind when we think of Smart and Safe Cities: they offer a holistic solution in the HANA environment that allows the city council to operate and manage the city and its resources efficiently, reduce costs, increase revenues, all the while better serving the citizens in day to day routines or during crises situations.

Last but not least, there was Ovinto. This startup is special because it is the first SAP startup that resulted from a joint initiative between the SAP Startup Focus program and the European Space Agency. The two have combined their efforts and built the ESA & SAP Space Business Accelerator in order to bring Space back down to Earth by inspiring startups to leverage the unique values of space data provided by ESA together with the cutting-edge technology coming from SAP to build unique applications across boundaries and industries. In fact, Ovinto have developed a solution that helps making supply chain and rail freight intelligent by using not only transformational SAP Cloud and HANA technologies, but also by leveraging Space technology such as satellite communications instead of GSM/GPRS/SMS network to track and monitor hazardous goods in unpowered transport units.

Click here to watch Frank Salzegeber (ESA), Frederick Ronse (Ovinto) and Luisa Silva (SAP Startup Focus) interview on the launch of ESA & SAP Space Business Accelerator.

Overall the SAP Startup Village had an impressive presence at Mobile World Congress 2018 and we are excited to join again next year, with new disruptive solutions.

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