Google Cloud Technology Partner Program for SAP ISVs

SAP Google Partnership

In 2017, SAP and Google announced a new strategic co-innovation partnership to help global enterprises run their SAP applications on the highly secure and scalable Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

One of the very first goals of the partnership was to make several SAP flagship products available on the Google Cloud Platform to benefit from the extended reach and speed of its network.

2018 will be an exciting year for all the teams involved in the partnership as they continue to translate the joint vision of the intelligent enterprise into innovative extensions to SAP’s product portfolio.

ISV Journey

The SAP Ecosystem consists of thousands of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). These ISVs build or integrate solutions and work with SAP to add value to their Customer’s business applications using SAP technologies.

The Cloud Technology and Cloud GTM models, enables ISVs to create valuable and innovative solutions, that facilitates the digital transformation of customer’s business, while reducing overall costs.

Program details

The key objective of this Program is to enable SAP ISVs, to build or port their applications to the Google Cloud Platform, by helping the ISVs offset some of the costs related to the Google Cloud Platform infrastructure and its Products/Services.

The ISVs could be early-stage companies, like Startups or established revenue generating companies.

This is an application based program for ISVs. All applicants must be SAP Partners and/or, a member of one of the SAP Partner Programs. ISVs are requested to apply for Credits. Based on certain eligibility criteria, GCP Credit tokens as well as free GCP courses from Coursera will be issued to ISVs approved by SAP.  GCP Credits, range from $2,500 up to $10,000 per ISV, depending on eligibility.


The application process is a simple 3 step process as shown below. To apply for the program please click here.


 Some key benefits for approved ISVs are:

  • Technology Stack
    • Access to SAP Applications & Technology stack on GCP, for example:
      • SAP Hana BYOL
      • SAP Hana Express Edition
      • SAP Business Applications
    • Access to Google Technology Stack and Services, for example:
      • GCP Cloud Machine Learning Engine, Cloud Vision API, etc.
      • G Suite Apps
  • Partner Status
    • Eligible to become a member of the Google Cloud Technology program ecosystem and then graduate to Partner and Premier Partner status after meeting specific Program requirements
    • Eligible to participate in SAP and Google Cloud Partner GTM activities
    • Drive Sales via SAP AppCenter and Google Cloud Launcher
    • Eligible for attending and showcasing Solutions at marquee SAP and Google Cloud events
    • SAP Industry Alignment and Google Cloud Solution Test Drives
  • Training & Education
    • Free Coursera training for GCP Technical courses.

Information & FAQs

For more information about the Google Cloud Partner Program, go here

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