HANA Use Case: Macromicro

SAP HANA, an in-memory platform, enables managing, analyzing, and processing of big data, allowing applications to run analytics directly on transactional data and its users to react to their businesses in real time.

The DNA of all organizations lies in their structure. Understanding the implicit nature of an organization’s structure on people and processes is not easy however. Given this challenge, Startup Focus member Macromicro developed a technology that leverages big data to tell the story of organizations and their structures. In Q4 of 2014, reached the final phase of the Startup Focus Program to validate its HR Analytics Data Visualization Service.

The company makes revolutionary visual tools that describe scale, structure, hierarchies, and employee composition of large organizations to enable workforces to run operationally smarter and plan with more data driven results in mind.

Macromicro’s solution OrgInsight was launched last fall on SAP HANA and will allow Macromicro prospects, customers, and partners to soon purchase an OrgInsight subscription on the SAP-hosted in-memory SAP HANA platform. OrgInsight and Orgsight+ data is on-demand and delivered through the secure SAP HANA 9 platform, and provides an integrated interface for workforce analysts to explore their organization through data rich, easily interpreted visual interfaces. Currently, OrgInsight can be found in the SAP App Center for existing SAP HANA customers, or as a subscription directly from Macromicro.

With SAP HANA, we will be able to cross reference user data access permissions to HR data quickly enough to provide dynamic access for any individual in an organization (specifically line managers), increasing the number of individuals that can benefit from visualized HR data, and contributing further to SAP HRIS solutions.

By visualizing data across an organizational hierarchy, patterns and concentrations become apparent and provide a unique interface for shifting / stacking / filtering through and comparing multiple HR data sets. Insights into HR data can be made that are not possible with existing applications / tools / dashboards.

Combing the greatly increased data access speed of HANA with OrgInsight data visualization increases the number of individuals that can benefit from visualized workforce data, and contributes to further adoption of SAP HRIS solutions and HANA licenses.

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Source: Macromicro

The SAP HANA powered technology will allow the function of much more in depth HR solution and management including: retention management, spans & layers, spot rising leaders, M&A integration, succession planning, data auditing & cleansing, self-discovery, institutional balance, and job grade optimization.

For companies, these functionalities cover a breadth of organizational needs:

Retention Management: Shows in visual terms those who are prone to flight risk and highlights the highest performers in the organization who have low compensation ratios. Then, matches to this query are displayed and can be viewed layer-by-layer or in divisions. It will be easier to spot higher concentrations of flight risk employees.

Spans & Layers: This will show concentrations and patterns of high spans of control. No matter if your optimal spans and layers scenario is 8×8, 10×10, or 4×6, OrgInsight highlights those who fall outside the metric.

Spot Rising Leaders: It will be much more efficient to find future leaders within the organization or on a division-by-division basis. This solution will filter through various factors such as performance and leadership data to showcase the highest performing individuals. When combined with job grade data, function, and division, it will help identify the correct people for a promotion.

M&A Integration: This solution will use the organizational data to merge different workforces. If there is a new acquisition, this tool will help balance and optimize compensation and job grades, and provide an overview of the compensation ratios between existing employees and on boarded ones.

Succession Planning: For those who are reaching retirement age and those who have announced their departure, this tool will help identify the waves of retirement in key positions. Rather than relying on various aggregate reports, it will help the company intelligently prepare succession plans and be ready for an organizational change—whenever it may occur.


Data Auditing & Cleansing: Workforce analytics becomes comprehensive and accurate with this tool as it shows inadvertent breaks in hierarchy, misappropriations, or data anomalies.


Self-Discovery: This will allow teams to freely explore the organization of the company and it is presented in a visual, interactive manner.

Institutional Balance:
This is helpful for inquiries about diversity, gender, divisions, job grades, and compensation ratios.

Job Grade Optimization:
This feature will also promote inquiries about reorganizations, mergers & acquisitions, or the structure of different divisions.

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